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  1. Exo

    Looking for nep species pollen

    I'm looking for some species pollen to cross with my female N.spathulata, N.aristolocloidies and N.truncata "pasian". PM me if you are interested in a 50/50 seed split, all offers will be considered. Thanks. :)
  2. Exo

    5 tarantulas free to a good home

    I currently have 3 Brachyopelma vagans, a Nhandu colloratovillosus, and a Nhandu chromatus I would like taken off my hands, I have taken my critter collection in a new direction and want to make sure these guys get to someone who wants them. All are about 2.5-3in in legspan, are unsexed, and in...
  3. Exo

    N.smilesii female in bud again, need pollen.

    The title says it all, my smilesii is gonna bloom again and I am looking for some pollen. I would love to get my hands on some smilesii pollen, but will consider any offer. 50/50 seed split. Thanks.
  4. Exo

    Seedgrown N.ventricosas for trade

    Hey Peeps, I have a batch of 2-3in seedrown N.ventricosas I'd like to trade off for things I don't yet have. Things that I'm looking for are Neps of any kind, temperate pings of any kind, S.purpurea ssp purpurea, aquatic uritcularia and any of the large flowered south american species, and cobra...
  5. Exo

    N.spectabilis pollen available!

    Hey peeps, I have flowers starting to open on my male N.spectabilis "North sumatra" and am looking for those with female neps to do a 50/50 seed split. First priority goes to female spectabilis, but other than that, my preference is to make primary hybrids with other species. I will consider...
  6. Exo

    Happy Birthday Limeslide!

    Happy birthday Lime! The glabrata says hi!
  7. Exo

    Looking for N.khasiana

    I'm on the hunt for N.khasiana, any size plant will do, and I have lots of things to trade, here is a list... large N.Red leopard 6in N.trichocarpa x vikings (seedgrown) 3in N.gracilis "purple" (seedgrown) 2.5in N.spectabilis "pangulabao" (seedgrown) 1.5-2in N.ventricosa seedlings...
  8. Exo

    Need pollen for N.smilesii and N.spath x campy!

    I have both of these neps on the verge of opening flowers any day now and I need pollen ASAP, let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  9. Exo

    N.ventricosa: A fistfull of seeds (qivaway)

    ok peeps, I have just come into possesion of a rather obcene quantity of N.ventricosa seeds from kula, and I'm gonna divide these seeds into 10 portions, and SASE them out to you fine folks. If interested, simply post....yes, that's all, just post, and in a few days, I'll select 10 people from...
  10. Exo

    Epic birthday present!

    Hey peeps, thanks again for all the well wishes on my birthday, it means alot, and I thought I'd share something great that happened this morning! I went fishing this morning, had planned on getting up painfully early, but slept in till 9, sorta figured that the fish would have stopped biting...
  11. Exo

    D.filiformis ssp filiformis seeds for SASE

    I am gonna offer 10 portions of D.filiforms ssp filiformis seeds for SASE. Each portion will contain the contents of one entire flower stalk. First 10 posters get em, and I'll send my adress to said posters. USA only. Ready....set....GO! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Exo

    Large H.heterodoxa x minor for trade

    Hey peeps, need to clear some space in my HL chamber, so after much deliberation, procrastination, and conflageration, I've decided to vote my H.heterodoxa x minor off the island. The plant is large, a 5in x 5in mature clump that flowered this past spring, and is prolly pretty valuable. I'm...
  13. Exo

    My first nep flower!

    I finally did it, I got one! And to top it off, it's a girl! :laaa: N.carmen (spathulata x campanulata) http://domania.us/spyk/temp/n.carmen-flower_8-20-12.jpg Now....it's time to play Dr.Frankenstein and make some freak babies. So, if anyone has any pollen, or will have, shoot me a PM...and...
  14. Exo

    White juavamensis?

    Well...my juavamensis flowered for the first time since I got it....and..well, it's white. The others have since bloomed whie as well. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
  15. Exo

    Orchid forum?

    Can anyone recommend a a good, active orchid forum?.....there are more than a few...and I figured I'd ask to see if any stand out from the crowd. Thanks!
  16. Exo

    N.ventricosa seed givaway SASE

    Hey peeps...I have 10 packs of freshly harvested N.ventricosa seeds I'm gonna give away to 10 lucky winners! Just post in this thread and monday evening I will draw 10 names at random to decide who wins. Winners will be PMed and will send an SASE to claim the seeds. USA only please...I will not...
  17. Exo

    Seedgrown neps for trade

    I have a a 5 seedgrown N.viking x truncata and 5 N.trichocarpa x viking up for trade...both crosses are about 2in across and I'll trade them for anything on my wantlist. Here is a pic of some of the viking x truncata crosses...I can post a pic of the trichocarpa x viking on request.
  18. Exo

    Sundew seeds for sundew seeds

    Hey peeps...looking for a few kinds of Drosera seeds, glanduligera and brevifolia. I have some seeds of my own I can offer in trade...here is what I've got. D.nidiformis D.capensis D,rotundifolia D.rotundifolia "raybrook NY" D.spatulata D.filiformis. ssp filiformis. Let me know if you...
  19. Exo

    Happy B-day Monkey!

    Happy Birthday Man! :laaa:
  20. Exo

    N.ventricosa seeds for SASE

    I have N.ventricosa seeds for SASE for the first 12 peeps who add their name to the list. One packet per person, make sure that the return envelope is a decent size...I need room for a bit of padding. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.