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    Flowering Nep Help!

    Hello, I ordered this plant last year.. it was a large plant..was told it was a miranda.. it didnt do so well in shipping... then in texas we had a historic freeze so i had to take it inside... didnt seem to like that either... but finally now it is producing pitchers..then i noticed this 2...
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    Hello From Texas

    Hello, I would like to first start off by saying this forum is awesome! This will be my second go around at cp collecting. Second go around on here too. Unfortunately the hurricane that hit my area (Houston) a couple years ago tore my greenhouse up and most of my plants. I ended up gifting what...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Sundew Seeds

    Getting back into the hobby... if anyone happens to have any drosera seeds sitting around ill be willing to purchase them from you. thanks
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    Is it time to feed these little guys?

    Are the big enough to feed yet? If not, when? Also what do you recommend I feed them? Its a 4inch pot Thanks ps sry for the blurry pic.. couldn't steady the camera and get an up close shot
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    What is this moss?

    any help would be great.. got it today and it had no label... they said they got them from around the property the green house is on and they didn't know what it was either(name wise).. they said it can go between rocks and stuff on a walkway.. it was $1.80. thanks for any info ppl. have a good day.
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    Sad Looking Lowes VFT

    So I was at Lowes today and they had this guy in the far back inside, in the dark. I felt bad for it so I decided to buy it. What kind is it and why is it lying down like that? its inside under my lights and I watered it with distilled water of course. It 70 in my house and the lights are the...
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    Drosera Help

    Ok...someone here was nice enough to trade me some non cp seeds for some cp seeds. im a noob if you don't know. I only have a couple neps and a purp. He sent me some sundew seeds and I really want this to work. He sent drosera intermedia, d spatulata (it looks like he wrote Beenak Victoria s...
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    White Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) Seeds (non cp)

    GIVEAWAY! They will be ready in a few days. Picked today and drying as we speak. I have at least a couple thousand seeds. I will send 50-100 or more(how ever many you want) to who ever wants them. I have so many and im not going to use them and id hate for them to go to waste. Shipping is on me...
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    Raised Bed Question

    In my greenhouse I made two raised beds.. I made them out of landscape timbers. I put a timber on top of each other. so its 8 inches tall but I also used a tiller to rip up the ground under the beds.. What im worried about is treated lumber. There is a lil controversy in if its safe to eat...
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    My first giveaway!

    Hello everyone. I literally joined today and to show im not on here for any negative intentions im doing a giveaway. I don't have any carnivorous stuff to give away cause I just started collecting them. I do have pepper seeds. Specifically ornamental peppers. I have real black pearl seeds. If...
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    Nepenthes Problem

    I cant figure out how to add an image to make it just pop up on here so I made an album on imgur,its asking for a url when I try to insert image and its making a link. sry for this.im new here and I tried to figure it out but I cant . here is the link Nepenthes Problem - Album on Imgur the...
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    Hello from Texas

    Hello, My name is Matthew and I live in the Houston area. Im a noob to carnivorous plants and I see that this site is very informative. I have a green house that is 12x7x7. I only have two nepenthes right now. Green Gentle and a Lantern Alata. I also have what I THOUGHT was a fat chance...