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    What plant is bigger?

    What plant is bigger? How would you rank them in size order? N. 'Miranda' N. ventricosa N. ventrata Please mention average leaf size, pitcher size, and vine length/growth. Thanks!
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    What is this Growing Medium?

    It looks as though this Nepenthesis growing in gravel? Am I seeing this right, what medium is that?
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    (PAID) (Zachf92 $30) Panda King Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

    For auction, is a colony of 12 mixed size Panda King Isopods (Cubaris sp.). Not my photo, found randomly online. These are one of the true GEMS of the isopod world! Adorable Black and White little Pandas, they are one of my favorite for their cuteness! They are from the Cubaris genus and...
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    (PAID) (BensBeasts $16) Pink Isopods (Cubaris murina 'papaya')

    Up for auction is a colony of 12 mixed size Pink Isopods (Cubaris murina 'papaya'). Not my photo, found randomly online. These are one of the true GEMS of the isopod world! The only PINK isopod in captivity! They are from the Cubaris genus and have the adorable "duck bill" that has Reddit...
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    Cemetery Spanish Moss

    This is the 7th year (in a row), that I've been posting my famous Cemetery Spanish Moss! Up for bid, is a Large flat rate Priority box full of Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) collected from Savannah, Georgia's cemeteries of old. I will "fresh pick" these air-plants, straight from trees...
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    (PAID) (Zachf92 $30) Horrid King Assassin (Psytalla horrida)

    I'm letting go of 3 Horrid King Assassin Bugs! Normally, they sell for $20 to $35 for ONE lil baby (nymph), but I'm offering adults for auction! These are the Rolls-Royce of assassin bugs. . . and rather DEATH METAL too! Not my photos, found randomly online. Horrid King Assassin live...
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    (PAID) (Chibae $15) Fire-Star Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)

    For your bidding pleasure: Fire-Star Orchids Epidendrum radicans x 5 The plants offered range from 4" to 9" tall, some may be larger. Flowers are a beautiful red/orange! $9 priority shipping for the USA. Check out their potential: Not my photo. PM me with questions! Opening bid: $5
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    (PAID) (Est $9) Wild Dewberry Plants (Rubus flagellaris)

    5 Wild Dewberry plants (Rubus flagellaris) are up for auction. Their flavor is quite pleasurable; sweet and somewhat like red wine. The flavor is different from anything you'll find in the store. Related to Blackberries, they are native to the Southeast, and collected wild right here in...
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    What are you doing for Earth Day and Arbor Day?

    I work at a State Park and I've set up a program for Earth Day and Arbor Day. We'll be in our Historic Garden teaching about sustainable gardening and giving away free seeds! Hopefully, this will be the start of an annual tradition! What will you do to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor...
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    What do you want to bid on in the NASC 2022 Auction?

    It's already April! Time to start posting up what you want to bid on during the NASC 2022 Auction! This will help guide those who are donating plants and other items. :) Here is my "wanted" list to get things started. Add your list of what you're looking for! Carnivorous Plants Nepenthes x...
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    Looking For (trade) WANTED: Small Nepenthes

    *CLOSED* Thanks for looking! It's starting to warm up and I'm looking to trade! Wanted: * Nepenthes x St. Gaya * Nepenthes glabrata cross * N. maxima (the actual dwarf form, whatever it's called.) * Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' (ampullaria x ventricosa) (I've wanted this for years! I could buy...
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    Day or Night Pitcher Feeding

    One night, as I was feeding a Nep pitchers a bug, a thought came to me . . . is there any difference when feeding Neps during the day versus during the night? Or have you ever noticed a difference when feeding other carn plants when the lights are on, versus when the lights are off?
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    Looking For (trade) Wanted: 'Lady Luck'! I have Neps, Orchids, Isopods, and Berries for Trade.

    EDIT: This is now closed. I'll make a new updated post. Thanks for looking! I'm looking to trade sometime after December (weather permitting). Wanted: Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' (ampullaria x ventricosa) I've wanted this plant for years!!! I could buy it, but I'd rather trade. I'll take a...
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    Where to find Plant Tray?

    I'm looking for a plant tray that measures about 24" L x 8" W x 3" H. It will be used for "the tray method" of watering. Do you have any idea where I could buy such a tray?
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    Pale Utricularia longifolia?

    A friend of mine has a Utricularia longifolia that is having issues. It has become pale and she does not know what to do, nor do I. It is currently gorwing in a ball of moss and is under a bell jar. She has had it for about 6 months to a year and it's been doing well (besides one time when...
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    Everything about smaller Nepenthes maxima?

    What is the difference between the smaller growing Nepenthes maxima? Besides being from different locations, is there a difference in size, growth, or habitat? What else do we know about the smaller growing N. maximas? Here is a list of names I've found: N. maxima 'mini' N. maxima 'mini...
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    Bag Touching Leaves (during acclimation)

    Just a quick question . . . I'm acclimating some new Neps using the bag method. One of the plants has larger leaves and they touch the inside of the bag. Is that a problem? I feel like I read somewhere that condensation will make the leaf start to rot, fungus, or something like that...
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    Communal Nepenthes Pot?

    It seems that everyone grows their Neps singularly, in individual pots. I too, have done it for years. Besides confusing identities, is there any reason not to grow several Neps in one large pot? These are bean plants in the example, but It could done in a window box like this: And vine...
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    Are you growing Nepenthes ‘Plumpkin’ ?

    Just discovered this . . . and since it's October I thought I'd ask . . . Is anyone growing Nepenthes ‘Plumpkin’ ? When I have the space, I'd love one of these!
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    For Sale Bioactive Substrate

    For Sale! Bioactive Substrate that is seeded with mancae (baby) Porcellio dilatatus 'Giant Canyon' Isopods. You may get some springtails too. About a "shoe box" sized amount of Bioactive Substrate for $30.00 shipped. Message me now! Terms of Service Live Arrival Guarantee...