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  1. WellLogger412

    N. Hamata and Edwardsiana Pollen on Hand - Need Female Plant

    Ok, so this is not a sale ad. More or less a personals ad... (ha) Long story short, I won the last batch of Hamata and Edwardsiana pollen that was on Ebay. None of my girls are old enough to flower, so I figured I'd post some personals ads to see what I can come up with. I'm looking to pair...
  2. WellLogger412

    Seedling Nursery Project

    Hey all, I'll be editing and updating this post this evening as time permits. Recently, I have come into possession of an old 55 gallon aquarium that once housed a massive tetra colony. As I'm not really into fish, I was drunkenly staring at it, and thought, nursery terrarium! So In short...
  3. WellLogger412

    WTB: WTB: Nepenthes Rafflesiana Borneo Exocits Clone 99

    WTB: WTB: Nepenthes Rafflesiana Borneo Exocits Clone 99 Looking for a clone of the Nepenthes Rafflesiana Clone 99, the "Brunei Giant Dark". Interested in a rooted cutting if someone has one available. List Date: 10/15/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: WTB...
  4. WellLogger412

    Lowe's Nepenthes

    So, rescued one from Lowe's... The cashier felt bad for it, due to the fact that most of it was black and dead, so $5 nepenthes for me! Was sold as a Bug Biting Plants in a deathcube. Marked Nepenthes Ventricosa, but something tells me that its not a purebreed Ventricosa. So, I took it home...
  5. WellLogger412

    D. Capensis Giant form - Largest known

    Hey all, I'm on a mission to find this mythical 60cm D. Capensis strain. I have done some research, and saw that there are some strains that do get quite large, but I am still looking for the monster plants that I'm told are in existence. Information alone on where to find a verified strain is...
  6. WellLogger412

    WellLogger412's grow list (PetroleumJunkie412 on flytrapcare forums)

    Short list so far: Growing above ground - Nepenthes x Miranda Nepenthes x Suki Nepenthes Lowe's (BBP, labeled ventrata, 9/2017) Drosera: D. Binata x Marston Dragon D. Binata x Marston Dragon (red) D. Binata x Multifida Extrema D. Capensis alba D. Capensis D. Capensis giant (under testing)...