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  1. sarracenia21

    Looking For (To Buy) Looking to buy striped nepenthes veitchii

    Hi everyone, Looking to buy striped nepenthes veitchii. Mostly interested in smaller seedlings, but am also interested in rooted cuttings. Warm wishes, Nathan
  2. sarracenia21

    Sudden Epiphany

    While watering my plants today, I had a sudden epiphany. (First I need to give some background info to make everything make sense.) Honestly, my drosera collection is nothing to boast of, lol. (About 20 aliciae, drosera 'Marston Dragon', drosera dichotoma 'giant', a lot of capensis, some...
  3. sarracenia21

    If you were a nepenthes which would you be?

    If you were a nepenthes, which species would you be???? The answer is up for you to decide. ;) Think of an idea and fire away! To start it off, I think that I would be a nepenthes vogelli, seemingly normal, but has intereting upper pitchers.
  4. sarracenia21

    Nepenthes burbidgeae X edwardsiana cultivation

    After doing research, I found that there is not much cultivation information on N. burbidgeae X edwardsiana. This plant definitely is on my want list. From what I have read, 1. This hybrid can grow in lowland conditions. Someone on this forum accidently put this plant in a lowland tank...
  5. sarracenia21

    Nepenthes talangensis problems

    Hi, I have heard about this troubling plant, and now I have one. I have read much/most of the cutivational information on this finicky plant. I know that: 1. It is hard to pitcher 2. It likes sunlight 3. It like higher humidity than most nepenthes 4. It needs a nighttime drop in temperatures...
  6. sarracenia21

    Pinguicula moranensis

    I am getting a Pinguicula moranensis and I am wondering about the growing conditions. I have 3 questions. 1Can it take hot temperatures up to 100 f 2can it grow in sphagnum moss without other materials 3can I use summer carnivorous leaves for propagation? 4what is the best way of growing it...
  7. sarracenia21

    Small pitchers on Nepenthes ventricosa

    For a while, I was kind of confused by the fact that my Nepenthes ventricosa does/did not have big pitchers. So far, the biggest pitcher (in the summer) is 1.5 inches. The plant leafspan is around 7.5 inches and is quite healthy. The temperatures are 70-85 degrees and it grows indoors. I am...
  8. sarracenia21

    Help! Drosera capensis

    My drosera capensis grew pretty well since it was rescued 6 months ago. however because of the rain, the capensis was submerged in cold water for 2 weeks. 2 days ago, I dug it out and moved it indoors. now it gets light in a window. However the days are overcast. Is there a way to give it...
  9. sarracenia21

    Venus Flytraps in Zone 9

    Will venus flytraps be able to go dormant naturally in Zone 9 ? Please answer quickly. My plants are outside and I want ot see if I have to take drastic measures.???
  10. sarracenia21

    Can Nepenthes ampullaria grow indoors

    I am just wondering. I want to try it indoors with no terranium. Is it possible?
  11. sarracenia21

    Any trouble plants? A list of trouble

    I am trying to make a thread on the CPs that you have trouble with. My personal problem was Nepenthes talangensis because it wouldnt pitcher. Then I forgot to water it and it went to heaven. However, despite this horrible deed, if someone or someones give a few tips then I am willing to start...
  12. sarracenia21

    Question of survival

    Hello everyone: I am getting a utricularia bisquamata and I want to make sure of its survival. Yes, i have done my research, I have a RO filter, a south window, and places to invade. I am just wondering about how it will invade and also whether it will grow well outside, Stocton CA...
  13. sarracenia21

    How about dormancy?

    ???I got a VFT from home depot a week ago (oct 3) I am afraid that if I make it go dormant, it will not have energy to handle the winter. What can I do? ??? ---------- Post added at 09:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:00 PM ---------- Also, I is not that healthy?
  14. sarracenia21

    Can VFTs eat fish food?

    I have a VFT and I want to feed it. Can I feed it fish food? I understand that they will not eat unmoving things. I heard just to use a paperclip. Will this work?
  15. sarracenia21

    Nep under a tree

    Can a nep live outside? I am planning to stick a ventricosa or sanguinea under a tree, in a pot of course, and letting it live there. I live in Stockton California, where the temps zoom up to 103 degrees in the summer, and winter is nice with not that much rain. no snow ever. Night temps in...
  16. sarracenia21

    How do you grow oyster mushrooms

    How do you grow oyster mushrooms? Can I buy a few at the store, chop them up and sprinkle the pieces in coffee grounds?
  17. sarracenia21

    parodia herzogii

    I got a parodia herzogii at target 3 days ago. I cannot wait for the flower!!!:banana2: I hope it will not rot.
  18. sarracenia21

    Orchid neps

    My orchid grows with nepenthes
  19. sarracenia21

    Help, new bromeliad

    I got a bromeliad from safeway. Any pointers? I know they like sunlight, and slightly damp soil. I am not sure wat kind it is. It has a orange crown of leaves in the center.
  20. sarracenia21

    sarracenia leaf cuttings

    Has anyone tried sarracenia leaf cuttings? I heard Barry Rice had success with purpurea and psittacina. Has anyone tried this interesting technique yet? I want to try it with a judith hindle and dana's delight. If you have tried this please reply. Please give the technique regardless if it...