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  1. Edson

    identificação de d. filiformis California sunset ?

    Friends, you know this d. Filiformis? Is d. "Tracyi" x ...... is 30cm tall
  2. Edson

    Pollination of Byblis Guehoi

    Friends, I need help. Do you know how I can do the pollination of byblis guehoi? In search, I found on youtube only by vibration and something like remove pollen sheet, let dry for 15min. This I could not could you help me? Ps. using Google translator....
  3. Edson

    paint smell in plants

    I have to paint my house, I know that Byblis does not support and died. the other usually know tolerate the smell of latex (fresh paint)? I have no where for the pots and I'm complicated.
  4. Edson

    my list

    Typical muscipula Dionaea Dionaea Bohemian Garden Byblis liniflora D. Adelae D. affinis D. Binata T-Form D. Binata multifida (new changes) D. burmannii D. burmannii Hong Kong D. burmannii red D. capensis D. capensis Alba D. capensis "Giant" (changes) D. Capillaris Long Arm D. hartmeyerorum...
  5. Edson

    My first experience with drosophyllum

    Photo 02/11 - :)
  6. Edson

    problemas com sphagnum

    Friends, my germination I do in sphagnum substrate. This generates a lot of cyanobacteria (gelatinous above), I reside in high humidity location. What is the common substrate q you use for germination, with good results in germination and fewer problems? ???
  7. Edson

    Presentation - Edson - Brazilian

    My name is Edson, I'm from Brazil. I am an admirer of carnivorous plants, further the Drosera. My texts will be translated into English. have many errors, I understand. I seek a general learning, this is infinite. But I'm really looking for help with gender drosophyllum. I anticipate my thanks.