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  1. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Est $25) Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

    NEW (5/28): I've added two photos to show two weeks of additional growth/maturation The two largest pitchers (14-15") have nice rugelii coloring and four other pitchers are opening at a smaller size, with at least two more started. I confess to removing the flower shown in the original photos...
  2. herenorthere

    Sarracenia potting mixes

    I see references to Sarracenia potting mixes under various other threads, but didn't find one place listing the range of options and any good or bad experiences people have had with each. My S. alata is in a pot of wood chips, sitting in a pan of water. These wood chips are sold around here as...
  3. herenorthere

    The Trap

    Here's the subheading of an interesting article from the Oxford American, which I think people will be able to open (I subscribe): The Venus flytrap grows only in the swamps around Wilmington, North Carolina. Are laws against poaching it too harsh? The full article is at...
  4. herenorthere

    Give Away N. sanguinea + VFT looking for a good home

    I have a small VFT and N. sanguinea that are looking for a good home and they are happy to go live with someone else for free. They're hoping to get better care and more attention than I gave them during the past year. There's no cost for them and no cost for shipping - I'm feeling guilty.
  5. herenorthere

    PAID (Sandy22 $13) US desert fern: Astrolepis cochisensis (or integerrima?)

    This auction is for a US desert fern from the Astrolepis genus, either an Astrolepis cochisensis or Astrolepis integerrima. It came to me as a little sprig of a plant in a long-ago trade with someone in the SW, either as an intentional bonus plant or as a accidental tag-along. I've seen...
  6. herenorthere

    PAID (NewspaperFort $22) Orchid: Cattleya intermedia

    This auction is for two Cattleya intermedia plants grown from a Meyers Conservancy flask. You can see the pedigree and parent flower photos at http://troymeyers.com/direct/?017159. Note that one of the parents is a blue. Here's some background about the species...
  7. herenorthere

    For Trade Orchids to trade and some to give away

    Here's what's available: Phals - some named, some not Dendrobium kingianum - various sizes, most not blooming yet Cattleya intermedia - not blooming yet They have to go to reduce my plant care burden, especially after some of these didn't receive the level of care I expected when I was away...
  8. herenorthere

    For Trade species Cattleya intermedia orchid to trade for species Nep or ?

    I have a species orchid to trade for an intermediate-highland species Nep (but not an N. sanguinea, which I already have). I'll consider something other than a Nep, so feel free to suggest something else. The orchid is from a Meyers Conservatory flask and it is a Cattleya intermedia var...
  9. herenorthere

    old, improperly stored Sarracenia seeds

    I gave the last of my CPs to one of the NASC folks a couple years ago and it's been a long time since I posted here, but I'm drawn back because my wife found an envelope of S. rubra 'Red Dip Lip' x self seeds. Unfortunately, the envelope was dated 2010 and I didn't misplace it in the fridge -...
  10. herenorthere

    S. rubra 'red dip lip'?

    I have an S. rubra that I bought several years ago from a certain CP nursery in OR. I thought it was sold as S. rubra 'red dip lip', but a Google search seems to show that I have the only one on the planet. Does anyone else have or know of this variety or know of one that has a similar name...
  11. herenorthere

    pitcher plant art

    We got back from a two week vacation in LA & MS. Our plans got jumbled by the time we hit NOLA and I had to turn in the rental car before we could do a side trip to see actual CPs at the Crosby Arboretum in nearby Picayune, MS (or to go to the Abita Brewery north of Lake Ponchartrain)...
  12. herenorthere

    anthocyanin-free S. leucophylla NASC AL005

    I've known that one of the NASC S. leucophyllas (Short Tube, Wide Mouth - AL005) I'm growing has little, if any, red pigment. Now I see that it is going to have a yellow flower. Can someone explain the criteria for deciding an S. leuc. is truly anthocyanin free? I saw something about it once...
  13. herenorthere

    Orchid collection winner allegedhuman $20

    Here are three orchids, one of which is in bloom, another is about to bloom and the third is probably a couple years from blooming. The first is a Phalaenopsis pallens var. denticulata, which is a small-growing, very tolerant species. This one is ~8" from leaf tip to leaf tip and it has three...
  14. herenorthere

    hardy Fig (fruiting, not ornamental) winner Jayson16 $5

    This is a small tree I started from my Hardy Chicago fig tree last year. Hardy Chicago is a dark fig with red flesh and does not require pollination. I'm in Zone 6 and grow figs in pots (maybe 15 gallon size?). My trees spend the coldest months in my unheated garage and are outdoors the rest...
  15. herenorthere

    probably won't revive this ad campaign

    Here's an old ad from Humble Oil & Enco, which were precursors of Exxon:
  16. herenorthere

    mathematical modelling of zombie infection

    I got sidetracked while reading for a public health class and came across this: http://www.mathstat.uottawa.ca/~rsmith/Zombies.pdf That would have to be the highlight of a statistician's career, because how often do they get to conclude a publication like this: In summary, a zombie outbreak...
  17. herenorthere

    Florida native orchid flasks

    The Troy Meyers Conservancy has a new listing of flasks of Bletia patula, a terrestrial orchid native to Florida and the Caribbean -http://troymeyers.com/direct/?016762.
  18. herenorthere

    be a precipitation monitor

    Seeing someone else's post about storm chasing me reminded me to tell everyone about CoCoRaHS, a national network of volunteers who monitor precipitation at their homes. I think a number of people here might be interested in participating. Here's an example of what they saw one day: As you...
  19. herenorthere

    N. maxima 'Broad Peristome' x 'Celebes Striped'

    I have two rooted cuttiings of N. maxima 'Broad Peristome' x 'Celebes Striped' (in a single pot). One is a terminal cutting and the other is a mid-stem cutting which is growing from two nodes. I potted them in Feb and they've been outside for at least a couple months, so are well-established...
  20. herenorthere

    at a downtown bar

    Having already downed a few power drinks, she turned around, faced him, looked him straight in the eye and said: 'Listen here good looking, I screw anybody, any time, anywhere, your place, my place, in the car, front door, back door, on the ground, standing up, sitting down, naked or with...