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  1. John7429

    2022 SCCPE Show & Sale

    It's that time again!! SCCPE will be hosting its second Show & Sale on Father's Day weekend at the Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona Del Mar! It will be bigger and better than last year! Please join us for a fantastic weekend of carnivorous plants! We will have members selling their amazing...
  2. John7429

    Webinar about NASC - Oct 9th 11am

    SCCPE is having a free Zoom with Laura from NASC next Sat, 10/09 at 11am Pacific. Laura Barth, Head of Public Relations and Education with the North American Sarracenia Conservancy (NASC), will discuss the history and mission of NASC, current initiatives and projects, achievements, and future...
  3. John7429

    Inaugural SCCPE Show & Sale June 19-20

    SCCPE will be having our very first Show & Sale at the Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA. It will be open to the public 10:30am to 4pm both days. We are excited to be having a judged show sponsored by petflytrap.com and sales by members and supporting vendors. Please visit our...
  4. John7429

    SCCPE Zoom Meeting: March 13th, 2021 | Tom Carnivores

    Tom’s Carnivores will be our speaker next month! If you aren't aware of his fantastic blog and interactive tools, go check them out! (tomscarnivores.com) Tom is based in the UK and has graciously accepted our invite to give us insight into his website and projects. This is a "regular" meeting...
  5. John7429

    Upcoming Free Webinar: Utrics from Victoria (2/14/21)

    Do you LOVE utrics? We have a free webinar coming up on V-Day. Please join our webinar that will be focused on utrics that can be found in the Victoria area of Australia: https://www.terraforums.com/forums/sccpe/144498-february-14-2021-1-00pm-pacific-webinar-victorian-utrics.html#post1222818
  6. John7429

    February 14, 2021 (1:00pm Pacific) Webinar - Victorian Utrics

    Fierceflora.com will sharing about experiences and observations of wild utrics in Victoria, Australia. Please check out our FB event page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2440149826131862 It is free to participate but limited space!
  7. John7429

    January Newsletter and Updates

    We have a bunch of things planned for 2021. Please check out our newsletter for more info! https://mailchi.mp/4c0153661b0e/sccpe-newsletter-may-meeting-details-13078582?e=[UNIQID]
  8. John7429

    December Newsletter and Updates

    SCCPE's latest "]email newsletter was issued today. There are some fun giveaways happening now to the end of the month. Some of the current activities: Fall 2020 Photo Contest We have exciting news! PetFlyTrap has partnered with us to sponsor our photo contests to the end of 2021! They will...
  9. John7429

    SCCPE Nov 7th Online Meeting - Nepenthes Basal Tips & Tricks

    SCCPE's next meeting will feature a presentation and discussion with Adam Tilden as he shares some of his experiences working with nepenthes basal growth and propagation. It is scheduled for Nov 7th at 1pm. More info on the FB event page here: https://fb.me/e/2voAdfeYC Zoom Meeting...
  10. John7429

    SCCPE - Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts

    Hello! And, thank you for visiting! This post/thread will be an "about us" landing page. In 2019, a handful of CP nerds decided we needed more CPs in our lives. We were participating in meetings held in the LA and SD areas of southern California but meetings were every other month and we...
  11. John7429

    Hello from So Cal!

    Hello everyone! I'm still a relative newbie to CPs - about 4 years. I have many plant related hobbies and they include: aquarium/aquatic, succulents, bonsai, bromeliads, orchids, "houseplants", and, of course, carnivorous. We recently started a new club in SoCal and have been very excited to...