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  1. goldtrap2690

    Volck Oil on CPs

    Anyone ever use Volck oil on their CPs successfully? I imagine it's very much like neem oil. Received a shipment of Neps suffering from spider mites and my Darlingtonia have root borers eating the rhizomes. Won't pull the trigger until I get confirmation but I don have extra plants I could test...
  2. goldtrap2690

    N. rafflesiana

    Hey there, have been looking for N. rafflesiana for some time now and would love to trade for a rooted cutting or established plant. See my growlist to see what I've got extra of.
  3. goldtrap2690

    Found a Nepenthes photo on Pinterest...

    Any clues? Seems like a species.
  4. goldtrap2690

    Goldtrap2690's CP Grow List

    Carnivorous Plant Grow List Dionaea muscipula: ‘BZ 1955’ + ‘B52’ ‘Bohemian Garnet’ ‘Dutch’ ‘Fine Tooth x Red’ ‘FTS Shogun Star’ ‘Grün’ ‘Jaws’ ‘Scarlet Bristletooth’ ‘UK Sawtooth #2’ “ “ {Bob Ziemer} Typical ??? {Rocket Farms} ++ Sarracenia: ‘Bug Bat’ ‘Fat Chance’ “...
  5. goldtrap2690

    Nepenthes 'Linda' & khasiana

    I've never known anyone in the US to grow 'Linda' and it's just as rare to see someone with a khasiana in their collection but it's worth a shot. Anyone with an extra cutting or plant, please shoot me a message and let's see what we can work out! Thanks!
  6. goldtrap2690

    Local Garden Center Nepenthes

    Found these handsome lovelies at Sloat Garden Center up here in San Francisco, CA and was wondering if anyone can identify the Nepenthes in these hanging pots? Also, if anyone can tell me what brand/supplier these are coming from because I also see the same tagged plants at other garden stores...
  7. goldtrap2690

    Darlingtonia Californica & Have: Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'

    Have: Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' Hi everyone, HAVE: 7 Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' (6"-12" wide/8" tall) 1 VFT BZ 1955 (3" pot size) 1 Sarracenia 'Cobra Nest' (3" pot size) LOOKING FOR: Sarracenia x excellens Drosera rotundifolia Drosera capensis Wide Leaf Drosera capensis Bainskloof Drosera regia...
  8. goldtrap2690

    WTB: WTB:Nepenthes x Dyeriana rooted cuttings/potted plant

    WTB: WTB:Nepenthes x Dyeriana rooted cuttings/potted plant Hey there, It's been a long time since I've posted here :) I just moved to San Francisco and would like a nice Nepenthes to trail along my windows. I've been dreaming of getting this old Victorian hybrid for a long time but the only...
  9. goldtrap2690

    Wanted: Amorphophallus konjac and/or paeonifolius

    Does anybody have any Amorphophallus konjac and/or paeonifolius bulbs. I am interested and if so, contact me.
  10. goldtrap2690

    Wanted: Devil's Claw (Ibicella lutea) seeds

    I am looking for Devil's Claw (Ibicella lutea) seeds. I would like to have another go at it with them so if anybody has any, please contact me and we can work something out.
  11. goldtrap2690

    Lotus Tubers

    I need to get rid of my excess lotus tubers that i just excavated. Have: Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Red Scarf Wanted: Nelumbo 'Alba Grandiflora' Nelumbo 'Hindu' Nelumbo nucifera Nelumbo lutea Nelumbo 'Lavender Lady' Nelumbo 'First Lady' Nelumbo 'Pekinensis Rubra' Nelumbo 'Russian Red' Nelumbo 'The...
  12. goldtrap2690

    Stroopwafels (HEMA)

    Hi guys, A fascinating new thing I have come upon is a Dutch cookie called a Stroopwafel. A family friend brought over a bag of stroopwafels that a friend of her's got from Amsterdam and they were delicious! I taught my grandparents how to eat them the proper way (put the cookie on top of the...
  13. goldtrap2690

    What Colleges Have Horticulture as a Major?

    So as much as I love California State University of Northridge, They just don't offer anything plant related. The school doesn't really care much for it's botanical garden and greenhouse facilities. SO I decided I'd like to get out of LA and move up north to Washington, Oregon, or Somewhere in...
  14. goldtrap2690

    N. x 'Judith Finn' pollen available

    Hey guys, I have a male nepenthes x 'Judith Finn' blooming and it is almost half way done. Does anybody need pollen? I don't really care what cross is made, I just don't want the pollen to go to waste. Although I am hoping someone out there has a ventricosa, maxima, truncata or rafflesiana...
  15. goldtrap2690

    WANTED: Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

    Hi, I'm looking for seeds of the sensitive plant (mimosa pudica) It doesn't matter what kind, Even the aquatic version is fine with me. I don't know what I have for trade at the moment but if you could send them for postage that'd be great. -Travis p.s. Anybody have any Byblis or Drosophyllum...
  16. goldtrap2690

    Water Hardness (PPM)

    Hey Guys, It's been a while once again since I posted here. lately i've gotten into water gardening with Lotuses and getting into Victoria water lilies. To the point: I've always been curious about my water hardness and finally found info about where I live (I live in the San fernando Valley)...
  17. goldtrap2690

    Pictures from our production of Little Shop of Horrors

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share some pictures of our successful and hilarious show at my high school. I play Seymour but I was also the plant manager that spent rehearsal time fixing the plants. Here's the article...
  18. goldtrap2690

    Searching: Cephalotus & Darlingtonia

    Hey folks, After watching this almost everyday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNo8z_E-Npk <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/hNo8z_E-Npk&hl=en"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed...
  19. goldtrap2690

    Forked Leaf

    I finally got a chance to take a pic of this. Sorry of the picture quality, it's a camera phone. But hey, a bad pic is better than no pic! It's a P. x Aphrodite that's been growing in my kitchen windowsill ansd it's leaf is forked with three leaves.
  20. goldtrap2690

    Cirque Du Soleil

    Any Cirque Du Soleil Fans here? If you never heard of it, you should go see a show, It's very mezmerising and spectacular. It's so good, it'll leave urine in your pants. Lol, j/k, i just love these new smiles