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  1. Axelrod12

    Ordering in dormancy?

    I agree with the above. Avoid extreme cold. Other than that the only concern I can think of this time of year is if they are coming out of dormancy already and your temps are still really low. But that's coming from someone who lives in CT and has another 2-2.5 months of winter left.
  2. Axelrod12

    Heliamphora misting

    It'd come down to whether it's allowed to accumulate or not then. I don't know how sensitive helis are compared to other CPs. But accumulated salts can have a harmful effect. What are your temps/humidity like?
  3. Axelrod12

    Utricularia reniformis

    Very cool pics of the traps Fred!
  4. Axelrod12

    Heliamphora misting

    Helis like high humidity and cooler temps. The tap water could certainly be an issue though. The TDS will buildup over time if it doesn't get washed away at some point. Do you happen to know the TDS of your tap water? Tap with a high TDS will cause issues much faster than a low TDS. For example...
  5. Axelrod12

    Fly trap with traps on flower stalk.

    I don't think the cause is really known but it seems some environmental causes, stress, etc. can cause it. You can root the plants if you cut the stalk just below them.
  6. Axelrod12

    Claims that Cannabis is Para-Carnivorous

    Trichomes are just glands. In cannabis they are used to produce both various cannabinoids and terpenes. The purpose of this is, as far as I know, thought to be defensive but not in a carnivorous or even protocarnivorous sense. Terpenes can be found in many plants, they are essentially the oils...
  7. Axelrod12

    Utricularia graminifolia - My Experiences

    I've been growing this species on and off for about 3 or 4 years and finally got a flower from it. Not a great pic, but my lens doesn't cooperate any closer:
  8. Axelrod12

    ID on Trader Joe's Find?

    Species is beyond me, but maybe a x Graptoveria.
  9. Axelrod12

    Bringing pinguicula out of dormancy?

    In my experience mexican pings will start to resume carnivorous growth just based on light cues. Last year I did have a few that lagged really far behind though and I started watering them. It seems they may have taken the hint from the water as well because they switched growth soon after.
  10. Axelrod12

    Drosera babies all the way!

    What sort of LED panels are you using?
  11. Axelrod12

    Crushed glass?

    I don't have any experience with the crushed glass sands. But as far as sandblasting sand, there is also black diamond blasting grit. That is made up primarily of coal slag which is inert, it's used in fish tanks as a substrate and doesn't effect the pH at all. The one thing to look out for is...
  12. Axelrod12

    Opinions on Standing Water for Droseras

    How big is your tank? Could you obtain a 2 foot t5 fixture if 4' is too much. Determining how powerful your lights are isn't just a matter of watts. Spiral cfls waste a lot of light due to their shape. A reflector can help with that. A t5ho fixture with reflector would be better. It directs more...
  13. Axelrod12

    Opinions on Standing Water for Droseras

    I'll try to get a pic of mine up later. I would let the pygmy gemmae establish then allow other plants to grow in around them. Prune back as needed. The peaty pool is common. If you try it again soak your peat ahead of time and use the stuff that settles after a few hours. If anything still...
  14. Axelrod12

    Too much light for my Ping Florian?

    Looks happy to me. A lot of pings will present nice red colors when under strong enough light. I keep mine about 10-12" under a 4 bulb t5ho fixture.
  15. Axelrod12

    Opinions on Standing Water for Droseras

    I am working on a similar setup now. Rather than a level planting media I formed a hill to one side and a small aquatic area formed in the front. I can drain and change water from the aquatic area but I don't think it will be very necessary, I water it with only 0-1 TDS RO water. Keep in mind...
  16. Axelrod12

    Story of the name

    Mine is my last name and the day of the month I was born. Been using it for a while for forums and some video games. It's not a reference to Herbert Axelrod, the fish guy, even though I keep aquariums. Apparently some people here and on the fish forums have thought that. Just an unfortunate...
  17. Axelrod12

    Pygmy gemmae and Hemianthus callitrichoides

    WTT for Pygmy gemmae and Hemianthus callitrichoides The second one isn't carnivorous but I figured I'd see if anyone had some extra, preferably emersed growth, but I've never had any issues converting from submerged. Any gemmae besides D. scorpioides should do. For trade I have mexican...
  18. Axelrod12

    Sad Looking Lowes VFT

    It'll be fine. It's just as hcarlton said high humidity in the deathbox and low light have made it like that. Try to keep it somewhat humid at first and toss it under some lights. The old leaves will prlly yellow and then shrivel away but new healthy growth will come up. I wouldn't put it...
  19. Axelrod12

    Newbie from Arkansas

    You can try coaxing it into dormancy if you want. I have skipped it before when buying these death cube plants this close to winter though without any issue. If you reduce the photoperiod or keep in in a window for a natural photoperiod and give it somewhat cool temps it will probably go into...
  20. Axelrod12

    Zone 10 CPs

    Any Sarracenia species or hybrids are all about the same in terms of difficulty in my opinion. I've had more trouble with the darker color variants of flytraps but that could just be chance or my winters. Temperate Drosera would be species like D. filiformis, D. intermedia, D. rotundifolia...