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    Looking For (trade) Humane alternative to culling sarracenia seedlings.

    All sarr growers who have tons of seedlings and are trying to cull the non-perfect ones, I am happy to take them and would even pay/ trade you rare orchids for them. Please don’t kill innocent sarr’s. I can quite literally take thousands of seedlings. I don’t care what type of sarr, as long as...
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    Show what you grow!

    All aldrovanda growers, sound off!
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    Looking For (trade) Any and all drosera (even capensis)

    I quite literally have many cubic meters of utricularia gibba and a total of exactly zero drosera.
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    Share your neps from Jeremiah

    I am horrible at posting photos but I just received a beautiful baby Nepenthes Aristolochioides from Jeremiah and want other people to share their neps from him. - - - Updated - - - Oops I clicked on nepenthes but it brought me here.
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    Tri-State area meetup in nj.

    If you live in the tri state area, grow cp’s, and are free on the 24-25 of August, then please come! It is going to happen at 87 Interstate Shop Center, Ramsey, NJ, 07446 at 2-5 p.m. If anybody brings plants then we can trade as well.
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    Introducing my soon-to-be terraforums member friend

    Hi! I am a rare plant fan who has recently got an addiction to getting a rare plant or two.
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    Give Away For Active Members A Vesicolusa!

    I have about 7 to give away. Get them before I take this one-time offer down.
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    For Trade Encyclia Tampanensis for trade.

    All offers will be put into consideration.
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    Looking For (trade) Does anybody grow Nepenthes Aristolochioides?

    I have wanted one since I first saw a picture of one at age seven. I have never found one under $900.00 and was wondering if anybody could trade for any of my large rare orchid collection, such as Trichocentrum Undulatum, Dendrobium Aphyllum, 5 pseudobulb divisions of platystele erectoglossa...
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    Give Away amaryllis seeds. One per person.

    Three will be given away and one will be the first to respond to this post. The other two will be random.
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    Give Away For Active Members Porpax Ustulata one pseudobulb division in active growth

    Get this rare and intriguing red flowered micro mini orchid for free! First to respond is the winner, just pm me the details of where to ship, USA only.
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    For Trade Dendrobium Aphyllum semi adult orchid for trade

    These are near flowering size and I have a ton. All offers will be taken into consideration
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    For Trade Trichocentrum Undulatum Florida Everglades cowhorn orchid

    Will read all offers. This is a recently deflasked seedling over six months old, and is part of a conservation act.
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    Looking For (trade) Looking for myrmecodia ant plants and nepenthes Attenboroughii

    I have a lot of aldrovanda vesicolusa and an aquatic yellow blooming utric that I will trade for n. Attenboroughii and myrmecodia ant plants
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    Give Away Mystery utrics

    The first to request this mystery utric will be the reciever of said utric but I will pick out one more person from random other responders
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    For Trade A. Vesicolusa for trade

    Have a few dormant a vesicolusa and are interested In myrmecodia ant plants and exotic nep’s. I could take other things, depending on what it is.
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    Hello Terraforums

    Hello from NJ!! I am a cp grower wanna be and have a ton of A. Vesicolusa, a red ventricosa, and aristo x ventricosa, and an alata.