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  1. Cindy

    Looking for Sylidium seeds

    Hi, currently I have tropical Byblis seeds with location data and will soon have assorted Nepenthes hybrid seeds (e.g. whatever x ampullaria Black Miracle) in the following months. Any fresh Stylidium seeds is most appreciated. Please drop me a PM. TIA!
  2. Cindy

    Spectra for CPs

    Hi everyone, Thanks to Butch, I'll probably be blind with neck and spine problems by 2016. :jester: It is his fault he introduced this link to me...but then again I guess I cannot really blame him for getting hooked and be willing to struggle with the DIY spectrometer that may not work best...
  3. Cindy

    Just some random Nep pics

    I was using the DSLR on the Byblis so took some pics of the Nep pitchers as well. Disclaimer: The cool-growing plants are quite new so some of the pitchers came with the shipment...not that I can grow intermediate/highland Neps so well here in HOT Singapore. :cool: N. spectabilis x hamata...
  4. Cindy

    What is going on?

    Something strange is happening to my D. paradoxa plants after repotting...
  5. Cindy

    Who will I grow up to become?

    Well, I've forgotten to label these seedlings. Fortunately, they will turn out very different... B. liniflora and B. guehoi. :-O A B For comparison, here's a B. rorida seedling ~Stay tuned for updates!~
  6. Cindy

    Just for fun - RH and temp for CPs

    Here is how the RH and temperature (degC) changed from 4 Feb to 8 Feb, in hot and humid Singapore where I live. The readings are recorded by the datalogger every 10 minutes. Genera of CPs I grow in above conditions Dionaea Nepenthes (lowlands and some intermediates) Sarracenia Cephalotus...
  7. Cindy

    Artificial lighting for CPs

    I used to have 3 shelves with all T5 HO setup. This year, I have reduced it to just 1 shelf while the other two will be LEDs. On a separate rack, I also have LED lamps (red/blue). All the setups are in ambient humidity which is consistently high by most standards. Reason for change: My...
  8. Cindy

    Photos of New Byblis species - B. pilbarana

    "Long pedicals that commonly rise above the foliage to present new flowers skywards..." - Allen Lowrie’s Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus Pot tilted towards camera Flowers on Plant A Flowers on Plant B Pollinated flowers - first pollination attempt failed so I'm keeping toes...
  9. Cindy

    B. guehoi vs B. filifolia

    1. Both are large and super gluey. At my miniature balcony, I turn around to water other plants only to be smeared with their digestive juices all over the arms. The watering can also gets coated with slime if it is used to water any other CPs near these fellows. :jester: 2. Both look VERY...
  10. Cindy

    Phill Mann - for you who know him

    Dear friends, I am not in the position to give more details but Phill is very ill and his family is at his side this moment. Please keep him in your prayer and post your wishes in this thread. Other than this, I don't know what else I can do for him...being half the world away from where he is.
  11. Cindy


    After almost 2 decades of the CPs, I think my brain is beginning to need the plants that helps with relaxation. :lol: Pure harmony Egerton Blue Grey Hedge Amanda Carter
  12. Cindy

    Newly acquired VFTs under T5 and LED

    The plants have been under artificial lights for 3 weeks since they arrived. Every 2nd photo has an * to indicate new growth. Under T5s (On average, each plant lost about 3 leaves i.e. blackened, then removed. And produced about 2-3 new leaves) Under LEDs (The plants did not lose...
  13. Cindy

    Any chance of ID-ing the two at this moment?

    I planted Bohemian Garnet and Red Piranha without labelling them. Now I can't really tell them apart because both are clumping like crazy... :-( Anyone can help? I have removed the little offshoots, leaving behind the largest plantlets. Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 I...
  14. Cindy

    Roridula dentata

    Hi everyone, I am breaking out in cold sweat just posting this on the forum...the anticipation of what is to come, the excitement of what happened and the high chance of them dying in my climate... At the end of this April, I decided to give away the best of the R. dentata and R. gorgornias...
  15. Cindy

    Byblis seeds germination experience

    Hi everyone, I am starting to grow this genus again. Seeds from seller A Seeds were soaked in GA3 for 24 hours and sowed on peat/sand mix. Almost every seed of the five tropical species sown became mouldy and there was no germination. Seeds from seller B First batch was soaked in GA3 for 24...
  16. Cindy

    N. 'Viking' and N. suratensis seeds pics

    I sowed the seeds about 2 weeks ago and they are germinating. The seeds are significantly different in shape. :0o: N. mirabilis var. globosa aka Viking N. suratensis
  17. Cindy

    U. quelchii and U. cornigera

    Anyone growing these two species? A friend passed them to me and they were in the ambient room temperature (>77F) for 2 weeks before I moved them into an air-conditioned room. The leaves now have a yellow edge and I hope I am not killing them! What are the best temperatures and the light...
  18. Cindy

    Anyone gotten seeds from Pygmy sundews?

    Hi everyone, I haven't been able to grow Pygmies here really well as they tend to go dormant with the ambient heat. However, the TC ones which have recently been planted out are flowering non-stop and one species is producing seed. If I didn't get the ID wrong, it is the D. occidentalis ssp...
  19. Cindy

    Natural and T5 light levels - species (photos and details)

    Natural light levels March 2014 Bright light all day without direct sunlight on plants. All of my Neps are in natural light so I took readings using a light meter. The first reading was taken at 10am and by 4pm, the light level has gone up by at least 2000 lux at the shadiest spot and at the...
  20. Cindy

    Calopogon tuberosus tubers

    I started with two, now there are four. The plants have not flowered for me though. Last year they just grew leaves and then died back. Hopefully, they will send up some flowers...even just one will do...