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  1. Cactusdan

    Short notice Non-Ided Utricularia Possible Orchidioides or longifolia

    1. Joel Hernande 2. Cactusdan - I'd love more Utrics, especially epiphytic ones. Thanks for the contest!
  2. Cactusdan

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    I'll be there hopefully! I'll also have some D. occidentalis x pulchella gemmae to give away and maybe some D. finlaysoniana seeds :D Additionally, I have an extra pot of ~10 D. callistos brookton form pygmies I started a few weeks ago. These will also be available so I can save some space and...
  3. Cactusdan

    Gemmae Questions:

    I've received pygmy Drosera in various conditions. The pygmies I sent you recently are being grown a bit unconventionally. They're in 2" tall pot that's almost entirely peat/perlite, which seems a bit wet/short for most people's recommendations. However, this is how I recieved them and haven't...
  4. Cactusdan

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Hey Tom! Have any pictures of those wild S. purpurea??? Love seeing those in-situ shots! Welcome to the boards! - Dan
  5. Cactusdan

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    WTB: Pygmy Drosera Gemmae I'm looking to grow my collection of pygmy Drosera, and am looking for gemmae of select species! Looking for: - Drosera barbigera subsp. barbigera - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera citrina subsp. citrina - Drosera eneabba - Drosera miniata - Drosera...
  6. Cactusdan

    D. occidentalis x pulchella. Gemmae for Gemmae?

    Hey all! Since only starting CP growing earlier this year, I've only gotten one batch of pygmy Drosera gemmae so far, which is D. occidentalis x pulchella. I'd really like to expand my collection of these cool little guys, while hopefully doing the same for other folks. D. occidentalis x...
  7. Cactusdan

    Sarracenia ID

    Just to clarify, not my plant :) But thanks for the explanation :D
  8. Cactusdan

    problemas com sphagnum

    I've heard that thorough washing of the sphagnum, before seed sowing, can help eliminate cyanobacteria growth. Mentioned on the ICPS site:
  9. Cactusdan

    Sarracenia ID

    Wasn't claiming 'Dixie Lace' was x wrigleyana, notice the "or complex hybrid" in my statement and my inclusion of the parentage/registration info above, however I could understand the confusion :) I am curious what makes you doubt the potential of a psitt x leuco cross though? E: I assume this...
  10. Cactusdan

    Sarracenia ID

    Not sure if your question about commonality was towards the cultivar or pubescence, so here's both answered :P I've found some are definitely more pubescent than others, but it really depends on the species/clones you're working with. Dixie Lace is a well-known cultivar. I do have some doubts...
  11. Cactusdan

    Sarracenia ID

    Looks like S. 'Dixie Lace' From the registration: This specific clone was selected in 1993. It resulted from a 1988 pollination at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (hereafter UNCC) that germinated in 1989 (seed lot 88-14). The female parent was a natural hybrid between Sarracenia...
  12. Cactusdan

    U. Sandersonii White

    I just purchased both varieties from a FB seller last week. Unfortunately, it looks like he sold out :/ I do intend to propagate them in the future, but it'll probably be a longer wait than necessary.
  13. Cactusdan

    S. minor 'okee giant' new acquisition

    Very nice! Is it a specific clone of 'Okee Giant' or unknown? I know the one I've got has a slightly different lid and mouth shape on it.
  14. Cactusdan

    sup guys from Portland Oregon

    Heya Carson! Glad you joined up! Do you have a wishlist of Drosera species you're interested in or a list of species you currently have? There's a growlist section which I tend to add all that info for myself. I don't have a ton of dews (and most of them came from you, lol), but interested...
  15. Cactusdan

    Hello from Vancouver Washington

    Hey Brandon! It's great to have another Portland-area grower! Be sure to check out our monthly meetups in NE, next one is Nov. 12th! (Here's a FB link in case you'd liek a reminder as it gets closer) Being a Sarr grower myself...do you have any favorites?
  16. Cactusdan

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Thanks so much as always bluemax for documenting everything going on at these meets, and what a meet it was! So many new faces, so much energy, and best of all...so many plants!
  17. Cactusdan

    My Orchid Terrarium

    That's beautiful j_b! Do you have a list of species in the tank?
  18. Cactusdan

    Stenoglottis fimbriata

    Ooo lovely leaves on that one Fred! :love:
  19. Cactusdan

    Blooming size amorphophallus

    Have any miniature/smaller orchids? I love having them around, but I can't keep more than one or two standard-size orchids atm :(