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  1. jeff 2

    My 1st ping

    with this flower picture I see a P. x 'Tina' ( P.agnata x zecheri)
  2. jeff 2

    Looking For (trade) dorstenia or ant plant

    I am looking for some of these non-carnivorous plants PM me jeff
  3. jeff 2

    Heliamphora help and advice

    I use for the substrate just blond peat . the browing traps are old you can just shoot them to make them disappear
  4. jeff 2

    For Trade fresh temperate pinguicula seeds

    I swap fresh seeds from P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora , P.longifolia , P . sp rio de ara ( may be a speciation ,a natural hybrids or a mutant ) make proposals,
  5. jeff 2


    a black center most of the time is the beginning of a rot due to a substrate that is too wet. try with the leaves to make cuttings
  6. jeff 2

    Does anyone have experience with Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro 9-3-6?

    wait for spring and take them outside in the shade, here in France I take them out from mid-May. they will then find enough insects to eat what are their substrate?
  7. jeff 2

    dorstenia barteri

    in fact for me it is a fairly simple plant to cultivate, simply in a horticultural soil, watering every 15 days, good light without more, 20-24 ° c. for the medical properties I can not tell you
  8. jeff 2

    re-potting Mexican Ping

    ok for my part I would always leave it in its pot, even if the leaves touch the edges
  9. jeff 2

    dorstenia barteri

  10. BARTERI.png


  11. jeff 2

    re-potting Mexican Ping

    it is therefore a hybrid . what substrate, peat/ sand ? I see a flower , may be you have a face picture .
  12. jeff 2

    re-potting Mexican Ping

    Bonjour let her spend the winter like that. in the spring you can change the pot. do you know what the species is ?
  13. jeff 2


    Bonjour grow you these plants ? jeff
  14. jeff 2

    dorstenia and antplant

    Bonjour what species ? your friend have what ant plants and dorstenia species ? may be we can swap ?
  15. jeff 2

    dorstenia and antplant

    do you grow these 2 genus ? jeff
  16. jeff 2

    Question on P. grandiflora

    since it is in a pot why not bring it in in winter in a room that is simply frost-free. here is what I do with all my mexican in winter try and if you lose it , i would be happy to send you one for free, here I have a lot
  17. jeff 2

    Question on P. grandiflora

    of course we can do everything including going to the fridge but zone 6 corresponds to their 'in situ' condition as well as zones 7 and 5. why go looking for empirical methods? there is surely an explanation for the fact that these sarracenias are dead also surprised for S. purpurea, this...
  18. jeff 2

    Question on P. grandiflora

    you know in your country you have P. vulgaris also,that grows naturally without a fridge. this specie grow here in the wild in europe with P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora without problem USDA 5;6;7 what is your USDA zone , 7,5 or 4 ? mine is 7 and all my temperate ping stays outside all...
  19. jeff 2

    Question on P. grandiflora

    for me the fridge is a bad solution, rather leave them outside. here in europe in nature ( alpes, pyrenees, massif central , jura) they don't have a fridge and they are doing very well
  20. jeff 2

    Question on P. grandiflora

    on this species the hibernacula begins to form in July, August. wait for the disappearance of all the leaves to detach the bulbils, in principle we do this rather , here, in autumn. if the temperatures are not too cold you can leave them outside without problem, here at my house all my temperate...