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  1. Exo

    Looking for nep species pollen

    I'm looking for some species pollen to cross with my female N.spathulata, N.aristolocloidies and N.truncata "pasian". PM me if you are interested in a 50/50 seed split, all offers will be considered. Thanks. :)
  2. Exo

    Where's Tony??

    I have recently gone through a similar issue but far smaller in scale, this winter has killed about 1/4 of my entire CP collection....it's the coldest winter since I started growing plants, and I've lost things that can never be replaced. Not sure if anyone noticed my absence, but I've been just...
  3. Exo

    Happy Birthday Exo

    Thanks peeps! *ERMERGERD! MY HAZELNUTS!* :spazz:
  4. Exo

    need a little advice with a new nep. n. eustachya

    Looks bad...real bad. I found this species to be fickle, never truely made it happy, but it seemed to do best in really high humidity, warm temps and moderate light levels.
  5. Exo

    5 tarantulas free to a good home

    I currently have 3 Brachyopelma vagans, a Nhandu colloratovillosus, and a Nhandu chromatus I would like taken off my hands, I have taken my critter collection in a new direction and want to make sure these guys get to someone who wants them. All are about 2.5-3in in legspan, are unsexed, and in...
  6. Exo

    Happy birthday, Heli!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! Don't get your finger stuck in another nep now. :p
  7. Exo

    Heli's picture thread

    What the heck is Nepenthes taminii? Even I've never heard of that one. :scratch:
  8. Exo

    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    Nuke it from orbit...it's the only way to be sure. :p
  9. Exo

    Nepenthes lowii Seed Giveaway . . .

    1. mato - Thanks, senor 2. Heli - Really cool, thanks 3. That One Guy ~thanks. :-) 4. Exo - Thank ya kindly
  10. Exo


    Look again. :p
  11. Exo


    ok, first, a few I took in june that never got up on TF. S.purpurea in my bog. Leuco x alata flower S.rubra ssp wherri flowers S.flava "red" Typical S.flava a forest of filiformis! Now for new ones.. Flytrap flowers Big truncata N.veitchii K Seedgrown Red albomarginata
  12. Exo

    Pitcher of the Month August 2013

    Boom goes the burbymite! N.burbidgeae.
  13. Exo

    Show me your awesome filiformis pictures!!!

    Thanks..hard to believe I started with 6 plants...all this is from 2 years of seeding...it will be a solid mat next summer..no bare space. O_O
  14. Exo


    LOL, hopefully I can get the whole lot up tomorrow, as for the northiana, it now has several pitchers, although they are a bit undersized. Not sure why, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.
  15. Exo


    Ok, here is some proof that I wasn't in a coma for the last 2 months, a pic of my small but rapidly growing N.edwardsiana! More pics coming soon!
  16. Exo

    Show me your awesome filiformis pictures!!!

    Thank ya Travis, yeah, been a busy month, haven't been on the internet too much, so have lots of pics to upload, lots of growing going on.
  17. Exo

    Show me your awesome filiformis pictures!!!

    Pics of my very own filiforest..taken last month
  18. Exo

    Lil has a real highland terrarium! :D

    Oh wow! you have some really nice plants going! I'm loving that veitchii x platy.
  19. Exo

    Orchid for trade

    The very first one you sent me.
  20. Exo

    Orchid for trade

    This the sibling to the one I got from you in another trade?