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  1. Tunguska

    A question about Drossera binnata var.dichotoma

    Sorry for the mistakes, I'm kind of new to carnivorous plants so there are a lot of things I don't know. Thanks for the help! I think I will put it outside with the other CPs once it grows a bit more and catches some more bugs so it can build reserves for the winter. Last question: Is...
  2. Tunguska

    A question about Drossera binnata var.dichotoma

    Hi! So I bought my first sundew, a Drossera binnata var.dichotoma f.pedata "giant form", from a local grower like a month ago. It came bare-root and without any leaves so I planted it in a pot with a mixture of sphagnum peat, perlite and vermiculite and a layer of live sphagnum covering it all...
  3. Tunguska

    Hello from Granada, Spain

    Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm relatively new to carnivorous plants. I got my first one, a Dionaea, from my local nursery and she has already survived two winters!. Since then i've adquired some other carnivorous plants (and a whole bunch of "regular" plants): one Sarracenia leucophylla "royal red"...