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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    I have a huge collection of Sarracenia. Many are endangered, many are rare, many are from Meadowview Biological Research Station and expensive to buy. Two things have happened in my collection: 1) They keep reproducing, so I have run out of space 2) I am moving from the Midwest to Arizona and am...
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    Free Sarracenia to good home

    I'm putting my kids to sleep for the winter. This year, I grew them in a four-inch top-layer of long-fiber sphagnum moss. The good: the rhizomes expanded DRAMATICALLY making lots of babies. The bad: I already have hundreds of Sarrs and am out of room. I have lots of extra tarnok, regular...
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    S. jonesii for trade in spring?

    I just brought my kids (Sarracenia) in for the winter and the rhizomes have grown exponentially over the past years. I am firmly convinced after comparing over three years that 100% long fiber sphagnum is the happiest medium. However, the S. jonesii rhizomes grew like weeds and are now way, way...
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    Canadian bog observation

    My family has gone fishing at three sites in mid-northern Ontario for decades. I have noticed over the past several years a PROFOUND evolution of some of the sphagnum bogs. Old fishing pics until several years ago show mats of sphagnum covered with S. purps and D. rotundifolias. We started...
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    Die Blue Jays, Die!!!

    OMG, so ticked off I can't type. I have two trays of year-old seedings I put out a couple of weeks ago...one of S. minor "Okee giant" and (more importantly) a half dozen S. purp. var. Montana "Georgia seed source" seedlings which are rare as hens teeth. Got home and checked on my other...