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  1. plantsnfish

    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    I have been taking part in some giveaways lately but it's been a while since I have given something away. So here is what I have to offer. Last year I bought a P. lauena x emarginata plant from the user madrone in the NASC auction. It has since divided, and I took leaf pullings from those...
  2. plantsnfish

    Nepenthes super grab bag from Predatory Plants (Photos)

    Arrived today. I am a little upset at their shipping, I ordered this on the 14th, as Michigan was having a stretch of weather with lows above 40. They didn’t ship until Saturday, where it sat over Sunday and arrived today when it was 20 overnight and most the morning. If they shipped it like...
  3. plantsnfish

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes seeds

    Looking to buy nep seeds. Haven't had a go at a fresh batch in a while and have the urge. I cannot seem to find any reputable listings online currently so I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a few bucks on some extras they may have. Variety doesn't matter, I'm just looking to start some...
  4. plantsnfish

    Purple pitchers!

    I got this new from ************* (cooks carnivorous plants) about a year or 2 ago. It started making these splendid pitchers about 2-3 months ago. It is growing under lowland-intermediate conditions in a lower humidity. It is Vogelii x (Spathulata x Mira).
  5. plantsnfish

    So I was inspired...

    So I was inspired by mediummessage... got it for $15 due to a crack in the glass. Will keep this thread updated when I get lights, equipment, plants, etc.
  6. plantsnfish

    Will U. Subulata survive freezing winters?

    It is found in a few remote locations right here in Michigan, but I was wondering if just any strain would survive the winter here in my bog. I have a small seed-grown culture that I thought would look cool and help choke out the weeds. Nick
  7. plantsnfish

    My newest, simplist bog garden. (Sharing pics)

    Just got this set up a few days ago. It is made out of a 33 gallon extra long aquarium I found at a garage sale for $5. So far it only has some simple, common sarrs in it but I hope to add some rarities in the future. The whole thing: One of my favorites, S. Minor: A simple but beautiful...
  8. plantsnfish

    *PAID* Teddy bear vine-super soft! (carolatcj $3)

    A very vigorous grower. Can be easily propagated by cutting a piece off and sticking it in soil. Currently growing in sphagnum but is not at all picky and will grow in most anything. Good houseplant. You will get the one pictured. Shipping is $3 first class, $7 priority, or $24 international...
  9. plantsnfish

    *PAID* Egg carton sized plug of Sarracenia leucophylla (kirkauburn $18)

    Just as the title says. You will get the plug pictured with approximately 20-40 of them in it. I will ship them bare root as it is time for them to be repotted. These are about 4 months old. First class shipping is $3 or Priority for $7. I will ship international for $24. Shipping can be...
  10. plantsnfish

    Utricularia macrorhiza turion ready to grow!

    My largest out of 3 available turions. I keep mine in dormancy where they are frozen in Michigan winters almost all year. I have to ask for $3 shipping, sorry. Winner will be picked in 1 week, next Saturday. Nick
  11. plantsnfish

    MALE Nepenthes "Eldon Lee" coming into flower.

    I will have some pollen in the future, as my Eldon Lee is flowering again. This is one of Bruce Bednar's personal creations. Same as always, Ill send you the pollen, you send back half the seeds. EDIT: exact parentage: ([Kampotiana x Maxima]x[Northiana x Maxima]) x (Alata x Khasiana)-fwew...
  12. plantsnfish

    PlantnFish's Grow/Small trade list

    From memory- additions will be common! Sarracenia: Purpurea Purpurea Venosa Tarnok Rubra ssp. Gulfensis "Scarlet Belle" "Judith Hindle" Coppertop-Thanks cpbobby Hurricane creek white "Mike Wang AxB" Mixed seeds and seedlings VFT's: Lots of typical Fuzed tooth Flaming lips Guava...
  13. plantsnfish

    Tuberous drosera/dormant tubers

    Really any kind, dormant or not. Prefer erect or scrambling but send me any offer! I will trade almost anything on my growlist (on sarracenia.proboards.com). Shoot me offers! Nick
  14. plantsnfish

    Nepenthes Death Cube Rescue!

    So I walked into lowes today, and as usual looked at the plants. They had the usual many almost dead VFTs, but in the back of the $10 row, of course not the $5 row, I saw this little Nep screaming to save him or he'd eat me in the next life. First photo is in the box, second is it re-potted into...
  15. plantsnfish

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hello, my name is Nick :) I live in Richmond, Michigan. I currently have a small indoor greenhouse rigged with lights and a homemade humidifier for Nepenthes and any other tropical cp's I find to like, along with a couple cacti. I have a few sarracenia/temperate sundews/VFT's that are going...