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  1. Botanicadenta

    If_____ is/are outlawed, then only outlaws will have _____

    I took this from the great, classic sock puppet show, Sifl & Olly. If cloning is outlawed, only outlaws will have clones. Think about that.
  2. Botanicadenta

    Blue Food

    "Where's all the blue food? You can't say blueberries, cause one look and you know them suckers is purple. And you can't say blue cheese, cause it's normal cheese with mold in it. Who's got the blue food? Where's it at? I bet you it bestows immortality." -George Carlin, 1978
  3. Botanicadenta

    Your favorite Fun or weird sites?

    Some blogs and such: http://www.ohgizmo.com/ http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/Pickover/pc/realitycarnival.html http://listverse.com/ http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ http://criggo.wordpress.com/ Also, the Dr. Fong site is totally getting added to my list of 'wake up and vapidly sip coffee...
  4. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    i don't think you actually repot them for another 5 months or so... I'm kinda worried about humidity levels in mine, personally. Unfortunately, I have a 72 hour shift that starts this morning, so I'll just let them get sprayed down for now and I'll fix em up when I get back XD
  5. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    no idea what species are sprouting, they all kinda got mixed up XP I guess I'll find out in about a year or so... It's either Albomarganita or Mirabilis.
  6. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    Woot! found another sprout in the other tray! I shall be giddy for a bit.
  7. Botanicadenta

    Fur trade petition, buzzkill

    I have to say, I finally played it for myself just now, and anyone who cooks under those conditions and that messily are guilty of being cruel only to themselves... I mean, seriously, how the hell do you blister a turkey? Who leaves neck veins sticking out like that? And is it really that hard...
  8. Botanicadenta

    Fur trade petition, buzzkill

    I have to say, PETA provides things that actually trigger my 'block-out-those-memories" reflex moreso than most other things I've seen on the internet, including some of the shock site big bads like orgish and such. I can remember stuff from those sites with great disdain, but PETA video's, I...
  9. Botanicadenta

    Freeze Dried Bloodworms

    Just so long as you don't feed them to neps! At least, I keep seeing that FDBW's will kill nep pitchers... I would assume that overfeeding is an issue with them from what I've seen as some people swear by them, other loathe their existence.
  10. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    i sowed.... 70 XD It's been 2 months since then, so i was kinda doubtful any would at this point and decided it would be a start for a sphagum collection :) hopefully they do, indeed, sprout further, of course now I'm in the process of moving houses, so I'll just be extra careful moving them...
  11. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    I peeked at it a bit, just a stem going down to what I would say is the roots for about 3mm. There's a tiny set of leaves emerging in between the two in the picture, the thing has grown noticeably since this morning!
  12. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    How's that? You're talking to someone who's never even grown a fast plant, much less a nep. I wasn't aware 'half seedlings' were even possible? I assume it's a nep just because it's the only thing sprouting that doesn't look like LFS or chives. P.S. I still have tray covers on 24/7, some...
  13. Botanicadenta

    Update on sprouting trays finally!

    So, here's what's become of my tray setup: As you can see, nothing has sprouted except moss and sedge ;_; Wait, hold on, what's that? Is that what I think it is!? Do my eyes decieve me? And... WHAT DO I DO NOW!?
  14. Botanicadenta

    2008 the longest year since 1992?

    i find it even more interesting that the time/date system that's been around for hundreds (thousands??) of years remains this accurate...
  15. Botanicadenta

    If you were an insect

    Oh my, what a question! Lets see, I'd avoid VFT's for the panic factor, same with just about any sarr, so yeah, Nep sounds like the best route to go on.
  16. Botanicadenta

    tattooed fish, thoughts?

    http://escaninquisitor.deviantart.com/ They're there. Also, my secret identity has been ruined. Not that I like DA or anything, check the post dates.
  17. Botanicadenta

    Pure white Venus Fly Traps

    The word you're looking for is 'etiolated' Walking dictionary out.
  18. Botanicadenta

    tattooed fish, thoughts?

    I just wanted to point out that that is a terrific picture of a Yap Mandarin. I started my 'Tropical Fish Tyranids' Warhammer 40K army after looking for ideas and seeing the pics of these guys. Painfully beautiful IMO (also, ironic grin). As far as tatooing fish goes, I think it's silly. I try...
  19. Botanicadenta

    What's Your Favorite Band(s)?

    Omodaka for Electronica. Tom Waits for Classic blues rock. and a tossup between Of Montreal and Page France for general light listening. Oh, and King Missile. Don't listen to him. Don't search him on youtube. Whatever you do, don't look for King Missile music, but I like him.
  20. Botanicadenta

    Pleased to meet me

    haha! last I heard of this research, they were putting cameras 2 feet in front of the participants and relaying the image to a headset, and successfully disorienting the crap out of them. Good stuff. We'll be in the matrix before we know it :D