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    Severe damage on sarracenia help

    Hi Guys so my sarracenia has what I believe powdery mildew and is spreading in my plants but also suspect that they might be infected with pests I search and concluded it could be thrips because I seen similar damage and insects that looked yellow could be the yellow thrips in...
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    multiple growth points ? on ceph

    hi does my ceph have multiple growth points ? it came with only one but I started seeing that leaves where coming out in different sections not the main growth point ? is it thanks for looking Flickr
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    help butterwort pest ?

    hi so I recently saw that my Mexican butterwort red leaf was becoming uprotted so I check and it lifted up by itself pretty easily but I was shocked I saw worms on the bottom of the leaves and on the roots they look gray worms with black insides help what is this ?
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    sarracenia seed giveaway

    Hi guys so I bought some sarracenia seeds on eBay don't know it its a true sarracenia but the seeds are from S. x Mercury *X* * S. x Areolata 'White Knight' I don't even know if its a true sarracenia but the seeds are legit I have germinated like 12 seeds so far and are growing and have...
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    How to propigate a venus fly trap by flower stalk?

    Guys I have two flower stalks coming from my venus flytrap brutal shark and cross teeth how do I make new plants through the flower stalks ? I want to cut the stalks and make new plants anyone know how ? Thanks
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    help terrarium set up?

    hi guys so I want to get aa terrarium so I can grow nepenthes and heliamphoras any recommendations ? set up lights anything will help thanks p.s can I grow nepenthes and heliamphoras in the same terrarium ? humidity control ? heat ?
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    Any heliamphora?

    Hi so I was wondering if know it's a long shot but I was wonderi ng if anyone has seeds or know why they are so unlikely to be found i like starting plants from seed and watching them grow any tips of where I could get some or anyone who is willing to part from one of their heliamphora thanks?
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    how to use max sea fertiliser on nepenthes and sarracenia ?

    hi so I have max sea fertilizer that I bought like a month or 2 ago but I never got the chance to use it because I didn't know how to apply it and how much to apply to the plants any help?
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    is nepenthes bicalcarata rare ? cant find it ?

    Hi so I taken a liking to this nepenthes but I can't seem to find any for sale ? Is it a rare nepenthes in cultivation ? hi from Los Angeles CA 😎
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    Question on sarracenia starting from seed?

    Hi I recently got sarracenia seeds but don't know how to start them from seed do I stratify or is to late ?:0o:
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    Drosera cistiflora help!!

    Hi guys so I have a drosera cistiflora and i recently check up on it. And i noticed that the plant has moved sideways I check under all its leaves and i see two huge roots coming from the bottom of the plant and are pushing the plant side ways can't u explain what is this ?
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    Hi I'm back looking for seeds want to try something new recent grower

    Hi I live in california... and i always have a hard time finding seeds to grow any have any to sell?
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    Care for Mexican butterwort

    I currently have two Mexican butterworts gigantea and red leaf or flower I was wondering what condition they thrive in my gigantea seems to be lacking. Growth and declining and my red leaf seems to be in succulent phase leaves are all clump together life a rosette ...
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    Need pollen for drosera mulitifida extrema.??

    Hi guys so recently my drosera mulitifida extrema grew a flower stalk and has two flowers with pollen anyone have pollen to trade with my pollen to produce seed ?
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    Where can I find seeds in Los Angeles

    Hi from LA and I'm having trouble trying to find seeds ... so I can grow in lA I want to find a legitimate ... seed seller plz help
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    Hi!!! new beginner grower from LA california!!

    I want seeds that I could buy from specifically sundews !! But any will do I want to try growing from seed... I have t-5 grow lights and I'm ready anyone trying to provide charity for a fellow beginner :) thank you .. or buy from anyone ?
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    Need germination guide on sundews and info in where to buy seeds I'm trying to

    Hi guys I need help germinating sundew from seeds and where I could buy seeds that are viable ??
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    help!! need growing conditions for drosera rubrifolia

    Hi I need help finding information on what's the ideal growing conditions for rubrifolia I can't seem to find any information of it I currently have one that I have recently got and idk if it's from shock or its declining plz help!!.