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  1. seedjar

    Looking for hikes in SC/Charleston area (also I'm back/lurking)

    Gotcha. Yeah I only reluctantly got on FB to keep tabs on friends and it's been just as much of a PITA as I'd expected, LOL. ~Joe
  2. seedjar

    Looking for hikes in SC/Charleston area (also I'm back/lurking)

    I already hit Ozzy up on FB, good call though. How are we not connected on there? Sent you a friend request. ~Joe
  3. seedjar

    Looking for hikes in SC/Charleston area (also I'm back/lurking)

    Hi all. Some friends of mine are visiting the Charleston area with their toddler and they have some unstructured time in their itinerary. They enjoy hiking and other naturalist activities, but have never really seen CPs up close before - we're friends from school, so they've only seen my...
  4. seedjar

    Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell at 8 years

    Wow, very nice Zero! I also found Mexi Pings to be remarkably durable. Until mice ate mine. *sad trombone noise* Cheers, ~Joe
  5. seedjar

    No February POTM? Well I told Zu I was going to post this orchid

    Yeah I thought I saw one too at the beginning of the month, when I mentioned to Zu I was planning to post a pic. There was at least one submission up at that point. Strange. Thanks Andrew, I'm pretty fond of it myself. Lady slipper orchids are one of groups that first drew me to exotic plants...
  6. seedjar

    Osmocote, showing some promising results!

    You're feeding pitchers with Osmocote? Interesting. I've had success dosing with time-release pellets, but not sure I ever heard of anyone feeding with them. Guess it makes sense. Anybody know how it compares elementally to more conventional foods? ~Joe
  7. seedjar

    No February POTM? Well I told Zu I was going to post this orchid

    Huh, I dug around for a while and the closest I could find was January 2017 and February 2016 - no February 2017. What's done is done, no worries. I shared the pic and that was my main objective. :) ~Joe
  8. seedjar

    No February POTM? Well I told Zu I was going to post this orchid

    I double-checked and turns out this is not the seedgrown one Zu gave me, but another sent in the same trade - Paphiopedilum 'Michael Koopowitz'. ~Joe
  9. seedjar

    No February POTM? Well I told Zu I was going to post this orchid

    Zu sent me this great compact lady slipper over six years ago - IIRC, it's one she sprouted (maybe even crossed?) herself. Last year it finally bloomed for the first time. This is the second spike I've got from it now. Here's my glamour shot: And a few others that didn't quite make the cut...
  10. seedjar

    My first potential Heliamphora cultivar, candidates?

    Wow, hats off Butch! Any idea when you will hear back on the submission? Cheers, ~Joe
  11. seedjar

    Tillandsia watering

    How dry is your grow area? My household humidity is in the 50%-60% range and I soak most of my Tillandsia about once every one to two months. Aside from that I spray them when I think about it, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. I have seven or eight easy taxa (not sure which, got them from a...
  12. seedjar

    Non-Carnivorous Tepui Plants?

    I also second this - very interesting question. I wonder if we could find some ID keys for the region. ~Joe
  13. seedjar

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips

    Nice - I've got that cross or the mother (long since lost the tag) but I've never got it to double bloom! If it's anything like mine, it'll be pretty easy to please. It's the first orchid I've got to bloom regularly that wasn't a Phalaenopsis. ~Joe
  14. seedjar

    Finally repotting after 5 years!

    I'm also getting back into the swing of things! One of the lady slippers you sent me back in the day started flowering as of last year. It's just started to unfurl it's first bloom of the year - I'll be entering it into February's pic contest. Cheers, ~Joe
  15. seedjar

    Hello again

    Unfortunately it's a chronic thing, but I'm getting it under control. Thank you though. :) ~Joe
  16. seedjar

    Full-spectrum LED screw-in replacement bulbs?

    Oh, I'm aware. I was abusing the term as shorthand to differentiate from bulbs designed to emit the visible spectra. Perhaps I should've said "PAR curve" instead of "PAR spectrum." I was referring to the spectral distribution, not just range. In any case, in the context of my OP, my needs are...
  17. seedjar

    Full-spectrum LED screw-in replacement bulbs?

    Thanks Mike. That's closer in some ways but I meant the full visible spectrum. Not sure why LED grow lights advertise as full spectrum these days but I guess they're talking specifically about the PAR spectrum. This project is meant to be displayed in living spaces, not just a grow setup...
  18. seedjar

    Full-spectrum LED screw-in replacement bulbs?

    I'm building custom fixtures and using multiple bulbs doesn't mesh well with other parts of my design. I only need to light one plant at a time, and for proof of concept I can have the lamp pretty close. I'm really only limited by heat dissipation. For small versions I can probably fit 3"-8"...
  19. seedjar

    Hello from Washington state!

    Welcome! Some friends in the area have toyed with the idea of putting together a Washington meetup but AFAIK it never really took. But we're all out on the west side of the mountains, so that's probably still out of the range of casual drives for you. You can probably grow some great Sarracenia...
  20. seedjar

    Aren't temperate Drosera frost resistant?

    Even the browned ones don't look entirely dead, so don't give up on them. 18F is not necessarily too cold, I don't think, but the tricky thing about freezing temperatures is desiccation. Cold air has a way of drying things out, and that can be pretty rough on plants with tender leaves. The...