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  1. bluemax

    OMG I've got a flower growing!!

    I agree with the others - it's worth a shot. First time flowers are always pretty special.
  2. bluemax

    OMG I've got a flower growing!!

    You will probably find this useful: Growing Nepenthes from Seed | ICPS
  3. bluemax

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Announcing the August, 2022 meeting - next weekend on Aug. 13. Same time, same place.
  4. bluemax

    Is this root rot?

    The things I know of that could cause the effects you describe are: sudden increase in temperatures, sudden decrease in humidity, sudden increase in light. Any such changes recently?
  5. bluemax

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    I meant that you have the lights overhead so that there would be more around the top than the bottom, in the way a vining plant would likely have it in the wild. With indoor hanging plants it is easy to end up lighting them more at the bottom. And, yes, I'd take a cutting!
  6. bluemax

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    Your lighting should approximate a natural style of light for a climbing plant. That dude's getting big!
  7. bluemax

    Hello from Washington state

    :welcome: I'm in Washington State as well. 'Looking forward to hearing about your plants.
  8. bluemax

    Parasitic Plant

    'Kinda creepy but cool. I see you are growing a yellow-stemmed form of dodder, Ivan. When I lived in CA I remember seeing a bright orange variety.
  9. bluemax

    Help with drosera.. pest?

    I would add along with what the others ^ have said that misting your plants is probably not good for them. It often causes fungus and leaf-rot in established plants.
  10. bluemax

    So perplexing, 2 Droseras next to each other one full of dew the other isn't and droopy

    That seems a bit mysterious. Have you transplanted the poorer performing plant recently? I agree with Grey Moss on preferred soil media. Some sundews do much better in lfs, but not all.
  11. bluemax

    hello from OC california!

    :welcome: That looks like a very good start. Welcome to Terra Forums!
  12. bluemax

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 3:00 PM to ? is to be our July meeting at the Moon and Sixpence pub in the Hollywood district of Portland.
  13. bluemax

    Random pics

    'Nice job with those petiolaris 'dews.
  14. bluemax

    Villosa adjustment time

    A much better Nepenthes grower than I once told me that there are N. villosa clones that grow pretty much like an intermediate and others that act like extreme highlanders. You will probably want to know all you can about the needs of the plant you buy. For what it's worth.
  15. bluemax

    My 1st ping

    In case you're looking for more info about growing them, you will probably enjoy this: Growing Mexican Pinguicula
  16. bluemax

    New to forums !

    :welcome: 'Looks like a nice collection.
  17. bluemax

    My 1st ping

    'Looks great! Is that one Pinguicula gigantea?
  18. bluemax

    Please help my Argentii (again)

    While I'm nobody's idea of a Nepenthes pro, I'd say the little plant looks a bit roughed-up but o.k. overall. It is often a somewhat tense time when we begin with new plants and are trying to find out exactly what they want. I wish you success.
  19. bluemax

    (PAID) (adnedarn $54) follicularis "PM1"

    The item has shipped.