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  1. limeslide

    Looking For (trade) Sundew seeds for Proboscidea seeds

    Hello, I am looking to trade Proboscidea parviflora seeds (40-50) for Drosera seeds. Looking for species like D. capensis or D. burmanii or any other easy to grow rosette sundews. Thank you so much, Fernando
  2. limeslide

    happy birthday rball!!!!

    have a super swell day man, happy birthday :) :rookwoot:
  3. limeslide

    baby spider plant (JMN16150 $2)

    Up for auction is a small propagated runner of a variegated spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum. I've had it lingering in my CP trays for quite some time. It will be shipped bare-root with sphagnum to protect the roots. Opening bid is $2. US only. Shipping is on me. :) Contact through PM for...
  4. limeslide

    Happy Birthday Rball!

    Have a good one Rball! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmdlbbq-QHM
  5. limeslide

    Happy birthday Rball!

    Hope you have a good one buddy. :)
  6. limeslide

    Share photos of your neighborhood birds. :)

    I took pictures of the native birds. I love the Kiskadees that come by, their calls are adorable and their plumage is regal. 010 by Fernando Casal, on Flickr 009 by Fernando Casal, on Flickr I love the House Sparrows that live here, they remind me of finches, they are very reclusive though...
  7. limeslide

    Members in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia, everyone okay?

    Seeing the crazy storms ravaging the U.S., I just wanted to make sure to those whom have been affected by the storms, are you guys alright? Hoping that everyone affected is alright, and sympathies to those who have been affected by these storms. :hug:
  8. limeslide

    le stylidium

    I need to give away some stuff, because school makes me depressed and it starts tomorrow. :cry: lol.... •You can only guess twice. •Winner pays shipping, $7.00 •I might add some other dews for fun. :> •Please use scientific names! •I loveth youse. Guess an ave (bird) in the tribe Lorini and...
  9. limeslide


    12/11/11 You can't see improvement without pictures. ;) I'm bad at keeping track of these, watch out! May this topic be blessed by the godking. :D (c) carnivoure12 This won't be just CPs, just to keep things a bit more active :P Let's start off by showing Philomena's tank 12/9/10 :)
  10. limeslide

    Happy Birthday Brie!

    *early <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/74mhQyuyELQ?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Yay! How old are you? :D
  11. limeslide

    Retractable.Boxes, INFINITE_ Proxy/ Level 42/\/\/'''

    I love guessing games, and I have extra plants! Due to recently getting an awesome gift from Andrew I decided to make it fun for people who support the forum! :D Regular TerraForum pedestrians will get a D. x hybrida bunch, and THANK YOU Members can choose two plants, the other options being...
  12. limeslide

    Infinite Pony/ Boss Music/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\

    Guess a bird in the family Fringillidae and win a bunch of D. x hybrida! :D •You can only guess twice •Winner pays shipping, $7.00 •I might add some other sarrs/dews for fun. :> •Please use scientific names! •I loveth youse.
  13. limeslide

    Texas is famous, and in HD!

    I was bored so I decided to try out my dad's new video recorder... lol. <iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/FLaXzAvf8d8?hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. limeslide

    BigBella's Tequila! :D

    Whoever else got plants from this generous giveaway please post pictures of your division here! :) So, I was one of the lucky five to receive a division of BigBella's Heliamphora "Tequila" plant. This is my first time growing Heliamphora so I am very excited to see how well I do with this...
  15. limeslide

    June 2011 POTM; Sarracenia Edition Winners!

    Congratulations! Now, isn't bragging nice? :P We had a couple of ties here, so I am just going to post first place and then the rest of the ties as second. FIRST PLACE: Jeremiah Harris SECOND PLACE: Wire Man, DroseraBug, and Fred P!
  16. limeslide

    June 2011 POTM; Sarracenia Edition Voting!

    Here are the voters! Click on the link to see their entries! Exo @ www.tinyurl.com/exopotm awguapp @ www.tinyurl.com/potmse2ju11 thez_yo @ www.tinyurl.com/potmse3ju11 RL7836 @ www.tinyurl.com/potmse5ju11 dashman @ www.tinyurl.com/potmse6ju11 mass @ www.tinyurl.com/potmse7ju11 Halt @...
  17. limeslide

    Pitcher of the Month Sarracenia Edition - June 2011

    VOTING! Pitcher of the Month Sarracenia Edition - June 2011 I have permission from both adnerdarn and mass, yay! :) Post your best Sarracenia photos and have a friendly competition with other members to see who has the best photo/plant! The winner receives bragging rights and overall feeling...
  18. limeslide

    i'd be there in a second..

    ...Renard's music really encourages me to be nice. :O Up for grabs is a D. x hybrida mature plant and a mature Stylidium debile plug. -You must pay $6.20 for shipping. -PM me for shipping details, I won't PM you. -I love you. -You can guess a total of two times. The first person to guess the...
  19. limeslide

    Because maybee

    So... I'm happy again. :lol: I decided to be nice to TF so I am offering up a mature division of U. longifolia, and a division or U. calycifida, and a cutting of two Drosera in my grow list of your choice. -You must pay $6.20 for shipping. -PM me for shipping details, I won't PM you. -I love...
  20. limeslide

    leucophylla "Purple Lips" x flava var. ornata

    leucophylla "Purple Lips" x flava var. ornata, post yours! received from FlyTrapShop approx. a month ago