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  1. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $15) Fire-Star Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)

    Plant has arrived, appears healthy and happy Thank you
  2. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $5) Compot of Agave victoria-reginae 'Mini'

    They are here. Happy and healthy
  3. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $32) Nepenthes maxima 'mini'

    Plant is here. Happy and healthy
  4. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Solidago uliginosa

    Seedlings arrived happy and healthy. Thank you
  5. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Japanese Painted Fern starter plant

    Plant arrived today healthy and happy
  6. chibae

    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Solidago uliginosa

    I am still waiting on a response for shipping payment address.
  7. chibae

    (PAID) (Gadz $20) Mystery item

    $6.00 Is it a wildly inappropriate metal sculpture of a alligator
  8. chibae

    fire rings and bogs

    That gives me a starting point. Right now the bog is about 16 feet from the ring itself.
  9. chibae

    fire rings and bogs

    Hi all. I have two (too large to easily move) in ground sarr bogs made from pond liners. We are doing some landscaping and are thinking of moving the fire ring. We use it maybe a dozen times a year. How close to the bogs do you think it would be safe to move it?
  10. chibae

    (PAID) (chibae $7) exaltata 'Fluffy Ruffles'

    Plant arrived safe and healthy