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  1. Av8tor1

    My pics

    Just a heads up, for over 10 years i have stored my online images and files on geocities then when they shut down I used godaddy. Sometime in the next few months I am going to close my godaddy account. At that point all my online files and images will likely vanish. I have resisted doing this...
  2. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora 'patasola'

    Finally submitted her to icps for publication then official cultivar status http://bluegrasscarnivores.com/patasola/2017/patasola_pitcher.jpg :grin: Av
  3. Av8tor1

    Router guru assistance needed

    Current config: I have my lab and office networked through a Linksys WRT1900ac v1.0 (has cooling fan) My router is connected to the school's Ethernet and 400+ mb/s up/down is possible I run DD-WRT firmware on the router with openvpn client enabled. Enabling the VPN client slows my connection...
  4. Av8tor1

    heli grab bag auction

    just to follow up, Items were shipped last week. Bidder has officially received them and is satisfied. thanks for supporting NASC Harold, Butch
  5. Av8tor1

    experimental pot design

    An idea of mine for a self cooling pot I had been tossing around for quite a few years but never got around to trying... Based on an ancient technology used to preserve food but with Cp application modifications A dear friend sent a nice cobra so what better time to try :-) Pictures are self...
  6. Av8tor1

    weeds in mah helis :-P

    need to do much needed maintenance, where's my roundup :crazy: Av
  7. Av8tor1

    FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida - No Longer Available

    FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida - No Longer Available FS Rooted Adult division of Heliamphora tatei var neblinae x hispida This is the most desirable clone line of this cross that I am aware of. Grows very large, and very colorful. I have had some nectar...
  8. Av8tor1

    for aviation fans

    Was in the right place at the right time to see a Dream Lifter giving birth lol <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RJfD6Eh_7fA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> :-O
  9. Av8tor1

    *PAID* Heliamphora grab bag (3 divisions) (ghse1guy $75)

    Up for auction is a grab bag of 3 heliamphora divisions. It will be three of my choice based on many factors on my end (need for space, need for dividing, etc) I will commit to two species being common or relatively common and one uncommon. Do not expect fuzzy socks or giant sized divisions...
  10. Av8tor1

    yummy goodies for the holidays Ho Ho Ho!

    This year I'm being the hillbilly gourmet for the holidays, fixed/fixing lots of special treats for friends and family. Back in June I got a big bunch of Madagascar vanilla beans and a couple big bottles of Svedka vodka and started some vanilla extract :-O Under the extract is a bag of...
  11. Av8tor1

    Early Christmas Present :-)

    Wasabi Thank you Santa ;-) Wasabi japonica daruma (3) I know the pots are too small long term. I just wanted to get them into some soil and light asap, so used what I had on hand. Cant wait to taste actual fresh wasabi :-O nomnomnomnom
  12. Av8tor1

    red ceph

    taken just now :lol:
  13. Av8tor1

    HCW and a spider, love at first sight

    I didn't realize that I had indigenous white spiders in Kentucky... Imagine her surprise at seeing my new HCW pitcher:-O
  14. Av8tor1

    RO system diagnosis

    RO system diagnosis I recently helped a friend diagnose her RO system for low output. Since I took a few pics in the endeavor I thought it would be time to post the information. Her home use system uses a captive air tank whereas systems designed for aquarium use will not. The captive air tank...
  15. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora pollination 101

    Heliamphora pollination and pod development The timing of the stigma being receptive and the release of the pollen do not overlap. Pollen from one flower is used to pollinate the stigma of another. fig. 1 You will need your harvested pollen and a very small, soft paintbrush. Be sure to...
  16. Av8tor1

    What are you cooking right now?

    For the 4th of July holiday weekend Just put these on, should be done in about 20 hours... Have about 20 ppl to feed tomorrow Prepped last night with my dry rub: Just put in smoker: oh and especially for David, a week or so ago, I had the chance to get some fresh sockeye salmon...
  17. Av8tor1

    WOT, Bundeswehr Hurricane lantern

    I have a few old kerosene hurricane lanterns... mostly German Feuerhand's, a Petromax and one brass Dietz (Chinese made) I enjoy the light from them when camping out in the woods or in case of power failure. Scored this one recently: more pics The red globe is the older mfg Jena glass while...
  18. Av8tor1

    misc heli pollination images

    Working on my heli pollination webpage, plant is one of my hybrids, entire process typically takes 65-70 days 05-03-2015 hand pollinated 05-08-2015 filaments moving toward parallel to the pistil 05-23-2015 Stamen dropped, ovary should continue to grow and develop if pollination successful...
  19. Av8tor1

    few misc pics

    a few with my good glass H. glabra: unmistakable nectar spoon, always reminded me of a goose's head a few from the new hybrids: and the pink ceph: thanks for looking, Av
  20. Av8tor1

    Reptilian rose and flava var. ornata improved black veined

    These were waiting on me a couple days ago when I arrived home. An unexpected gift from an anonymous benefactor.... :0o: Reptilian rose on left, flava var. ornata on right. I got them potted up tonight, will update as they grow eeeekkkk a very public thank you!! :hail: