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  1. guitarfreak23

    Just moved with some old Sarrs. too late to repot?

    Just moved from the spartanburg area to clemson SC. The plants have been in the same peat moss for atleast 4-5 years and need new peat. The plants will see the same conditions, just wondering if it's too late to repot? The plants have already flowered and are currently growing seed pods. Should...
  2. guitarfreak23

    keeping indoor plants watered while on vacation??

    Hey all, I have an indoor setup that i'm worried about drying out while on vacation for 10 days. I simply have pots/trays set in those large aluminum cooking pans. Im worried all of it will evaporate while im gone, since the water level drops noticeably after a couple days. I know a terrarium...
  3. guitarfreak23

    Live sphagnum 24 hr lighting?

    hello all, Im starting to grow some live sphagnum in my indoor grow shelf. I leave the lights on 24 hrs a day since im growing some sarracenia from seed. Will this affect the live sphagnum? or do they require a normal grow period?
  4. guitarfreak23

    new indoor sarracenia, thoughts?

    ive been interested in sarracenia for a while and have had outdoor plants for a few years now, but am starting up an indoor setup mostly for growing from seed. what do you guys think of it so far? i cant decide if i should keep the celophane on or not. its got 2 GE plant and aquarium bulbs, 2...
  5. guitarfreak23

    help with some drosera and a sar.

    Hey I got this drosera as a freebie with a sarracenia ladybug i got from a local nursery. Its got me stumped. Im thinking spatulata or rotundifolia. Its got a few flower stalks with pink flowers. The main reason i want to know is because I dont know if it will be able to handle the upcoming...
  6. guitarfreak23

    help with a purpurea!

    Hey all, I am having some trouble with a purpurea venosa and all visible parts of the plant above the ground are brown. Should I let it be and see if it recovers, or should I divide whats left of the rhizome and plant those?
  7. guitarfreak23

    help with photoperiod

    hey all just need a little help with some photoperiod stuff. I have some sarracenia flava var maximas and their seedlings, a couple leuco tarnoks, a purpurea, a sarracenia ladybug, 2 venus flytraps, and a drosera rotundifolia. they are on my back porch now and get 3 hours of direct sunlight a...
  8. guitarfreak23

    sarracenia flava var. maxima for trade

    I have one or two flava var. maximas up for trade. These are fairly mature plants with a few years under their belt and are very tall. I obtained them (legally with a permit) from a local national forest. These particular ones were smaller than some of the older ones around them, as some were...
  9. guitarfreak23

    My Sarracenia story

    Well ive been a member on the forum for a while and have never really posted much. I thought id show my flavas and leucophylla (i have vfts and a lowes purp too) and how i got them. Last summer i went to the Francis Marion national forest in SC because i was already at the beach. I asked the...
  10. guitarfreak23

    Help! Drosera adelae

    I accidentally left my Drosera adelae outside in freezing temps... all of the foliage is dead and all i have left are the roots... what do i do?? :-( :-( :-(
  11. guitarfreak23

    pitcher plant feeding

    Can pitcher plants be fed plant material??
  12. guitarfreak23

    leaves dying

    Every time i feed my d. adelae the leaf ends up turning black at the spot i fed it and dies. Why is this? the leaves are fine until they are fed
  13. guitarfreak23

    Sarr/ Dionea dormancy

    I just bought a Sarracenia purpurea and a venus flytrap from lowes. It was a new shipment. I am wondering if it would be ok to replant them before going into dormancy? I would like to get them out of their little pots
  14. guitarfreak23


    Hello, I am new to all of these carnivrous plants, but i would love to start growing some! So If you have any extra seeds for any plant, I would love to have some. Be it nepenthes, sundews, venus flytaps, butterworts, or pitcher plants... it doesnt matter! I would be willing to do a sase, or...