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    Will This Light Work?

    (As you may have seen from the number of posts I have made, I'm a noob at this site.:blush: So, I don't know which topic I should post this in. But, oh well here goes nothing.) Hello everyone! Anyone have success with LEDs for CPs? I think my T-5 tubes are starting to wear down and I want to...

    Plants Healthy or Not?

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased some drosera from a online store and the package came pretty late. (in 6 days) I'm a pretty new to droseras, so I'm just wondering if my plants look good or not?:banana2::banana2: - - - Updated - - - Uh oh forgot the pictures

    Hello From San Francisco

    Hello, CP Growers! I've been wanting to make an account time, but didn't have the time to.:-( But now I have.:-D I only grow highland nepenthes and some droseras though. My Growlist: Nepenthes Hamata Nepethens Ampullaria Nepenthes Attenboroughii Nepenthes Truncata "Pasian" Nepenthes DeRooses...