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    VFT Dormancy Question

    Okay so they'll be fine on my back porch then, so long as I protect them? It gets pretty windy here too, but the porch should be protected from that.
  2. K

    VFT Dormancy Question

    So I have a bunch of those death cube VFTs (and one S. purpurea) that I bought from grocery stores. They are inside currently, under grow lights. I live in zone 7 and am unsure where to put them for dormancy later this year. I have an attached garage, but there is no window, so no sunlight. This...
  3. K

    I'm getting old, but I'm back!

    I'm pretty new here, but welcome back!
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    How exactly to propagate U. sandersonii?

    Okay thanks for all your help!
  5. K

    How exactly to propagate U. sandersonii?

    Oh wow. That's it? That seems too easy, haha. I take it Utrics are a hardy plant then?
  6. K

    How exactly to propagate U. sandersonii?

    Hello! My apologies if this is a dumb question, but I was interested in propagating my sandersonii into a teacup. I've read that I just separate a part of it, but I'm unsure how to do that without damaging the main plant? It seems so delicate and I don't want to kill it. Thanks in advance.
  7. K

    Drawing from my daughter for my birthday yesterday

    Happy late birthday! What creative kids you have! How cool are both of those gifts? A custom mix and an awesome carnivorous plant drawing? You're one lucky parent.
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    Give Away For Active Members Drosera Giveaway

    D. intermedia 'Cuba 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. katskratch718 -Thanks! 5. D. Filiformis 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. katskratch718 - Thanks! 5.
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    Give Away Drosera capensis "Bain'sKloof" Seeds

    1) adnedarn 2) Grey Moss - Thanks for the very cool giveaway! 3) Osito - fingers crossed! 4) sharkjaws1234 5) SerMuncherIV 6) Cain - =) 7) Raistlarn - thank you 8) aarolar 9) Dexenthes 10) madrone - thanks for the generous giveaway! 11) pooparella- thank you 12) Flora - Thanks for...
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    Hi I'm new [emoji847]

    Hello! Welcome! Lovely B52.
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    Nepenthes Ventricosa Good for Beginner?

    I grow my sundews on the windowsill, as well as the bladderwort. I also have some grow lights already, so I'll go ahead and get the ventricosa and see how it goes! Thanks so much!
  12. K

    Nepenthes Ventricosa Good for Beginner?

    Hello! I was wondering if N. Ventricosa is good for a beginner Nepenthes-grower? I have been successful with VFTs, Sundews, and Terrestrial Bladderworts, so I'm not new to carnivorous plants, but I would like to expand my collection. Also I am planning on keeping it indoors, as I live in Zone 7...
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    Hello from Washington state!

    Well I'm pretty new to this, but mine are all in containers. They're all inside right now, but in the Spring I want to plant a mini-bog garden in a container that *hopefully* I can transport somewhat easily in case it gets too cold or I move or something.
  14. K

    Hello from Washington state!

    Cool! It's still a bit of a drive, but would still be fun to go. I'm going to try my hand at Sarracenia next I think. I found a purpurea in a death cube at Lowe's and I'm waiting until Spring to plant it in a mini-bog garden type thing with my VFT's.
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    Hello from Washington state!

    Haha, I can't help it. They always look so sad in those death cubes! I'm in Central Washington, but I do make it down to Portland at least once per year, so I'll check that out! Thanks!
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    Hello from Washington state!

    Hello! I'm Kat. I got my first carnivorous plants mid last year and since then I've been "rescuing" VFTs whenever I find them in Home Depot and Lowe's. I am so excited to learn how to care for them, and hopefully expand my collection as well. I'm definitely addicted to strange (but beautiful)...
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    Drosera Seed Giveaway

    1. FLTropical - thanks for the offer!(aliciae) 2. Ertnirp -D. Aliciae (I appreciate the generosity!) 3. Plant Heathen - Thanks for the chants (D. Aliciae) 4. Tmurphy44870 - d aliciae 5. Kjnorris918- D. Aliciae- Thank you for your generosity! 6. Bijillon - thanks for the opportunity! 7...