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    Pinguicula moranensis ssp. ???

    I can't post picture on so I just have to describe in words. I received them as Pinguicula moranensis ssp. (Mexican ping.) from Sarracenia Northwest. - They have oval- shaped summer leaves, and they are ginormous. - They have lilac-colored flowers with very sweet scent, with white throat. I...
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    Pineapples? Kiwis?

    Hi. I'm looking for edible pineapple such as comosus  ‘Kona Sugarloaf’, kiwi plants, mango plants (yellow ones from Mexico or Philippines), liches (hairy ones) or banana plants such as apple banana. I'm offering some begonias (white flowers), cuttings of schefellea, possibly a mature plant of D...
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    Seed of D. Regia Big Easy?

    After I saw adnedarn's photo of D. regia big Easy, I got very interested in it. I really don't have "any" seeds left to trade so I rather send SASE or some fairly common drosera or pinguicula- possibly "a" cutting of cephalotus.. Thanks.
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    Fertile soil

    How much can pings stand in fertile soil? I know that Nepenthes and Pinguicula are rich mineral- tolerance but I don't think pings can't be grown in fertile soil as Nepenthes. If you know, please stop by and spend a sec. answering it
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    Random stuff

    I was writing random species of nepenthes in the web box thing and I found this site' http://www.orchidweb.com/cat_dtl....1&tpn=4 They were selling Nepenthes clipeata and I looked at the price and got amazed
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    Nepenthes seeds

    Once again, I was lucky enough to get a spare N. maxima "Gentle" seeds to trade. I have about about 20-30 seeds (I got 3 seed pods) and I'm looking for seeds of Mexican butterworts, or any tropical CP except D. capensis narrow form. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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    P. gypsicola x moctezumae

    I have a ques. about P. gypsicola x moctezumae. I know that P. gypsicola has to be dry during most of the year but I don't know about the hybrid. When in the year it has to be kept in a dry condition and when in the year it has to be in a damp condition? Right now, it's in a damp condition ( The...
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    Hail storm

    What a coincidence! Now I got a damage from squrriels, then hailstorm! Worst of all, the hailstorm came right after it rained for a while. All I can hope is that they recover, since I grow all my CP outside- exposed- include tropical CPs. Did anyone's CP got damaged from hailstorm before? I just...
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    Uh oh...

    Outside, where my sarras and vfts are, got hunted by squirrels. All of their leaves are munched away, all of their roots are cut off and mingled with mineral-rich soil... I hate those wild animals!!!
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    Very odd trade

    Hello. I'm looking for an egg (must be fertile) of a green iguana. I'm only looking for few of them. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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    Well, I was browsing through the internet and read an article about hoverboard. It said that some Russian scientist invented this thing by using the mechanism of an UFO- You know there are positive and negative electrons in both earth and space, And to float freely, make both top and bottom...
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    My sang.

    It's Spring, when CP's new growth starts, but my Sanguinia stopped forming pichers somehow... What is the problem? I give it 3-5 hours of mourning sunlight, humidity is upper 50% and water one or twice a week... no fungus at all. What is the prob.? Thanks.
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    I'm looking for leaf or root cuttings of any nepenthes species (obviously stem cuttings), cephalotus, pinguicula (obviously only leaf cuttings) or drosera - except capensis, adelae or temperate drosera-. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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    ICPS Seed donation

    Well, I decided to donate most of my seeds to ICPS and do I have to count the seeds? Because if I count, it will kill my eyes... I hardly ever took seeds out of their pods...
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    I have a ques. about adelae also

    Well, my adelaes were growing very well, until I repotted them. They were very overcrowded. This is my second adelae that I bought (First was dead, because of water) and most of my CPs get either get sick or die after I repot them. So my adelae's leaves are getting dried and turn light brown...
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    Looking for books

    I'm looking for books about CP other than Savage Garden. I have leftover seeds of VFT, S. leucophylla, D.capensis, very few seeds of Drosophyllum, which I sowed before. If anyone has a spare copy, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Heli soil?

    Hello. Well, it's weird that my heli, formed roots from plain leaves, not growing points after I accidently broke them. Anyway, I grow heli in a pure live sphagnum moss and I want to know if it's okay, since they are not as acidic as peat moss. Thanks.
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    Water collect?

    Well, until now, I collect snow and " non-filtering Brita water filter" to water my CPs and often, my D. adelae dies because shortage of mineral-free water. My question is how I collect rainwater, in an ample amount? I don't like collecting from gutter, since I don't like seeing all kinds of...
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    Sarracenia leucophylla "Big mouth form"

    Hello. I have S. leucophylla "Big mouth form" that was supposed to be on the trade but I havn't got any messages from people who supposed to trade for almost a week so I put these seeds on trade. So, if anyone is interested, please PM me. They were harvested on last year (I didn't get the right...
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    Hello. (edited) I have young (very young, only one -two inches tall) plants of Heliamphora heterodoxa. I'm looking for Heliamphora tatei ssp. tatei, D.erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa, Drosera ordensis or any other CP that looks exotic. Thanks. P.S. I finally gave up trying to post a picture of my...