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    Favorite Beer?

    My favorite beer is free beer! If I had to go out and buy beer it would be an pale ale.
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Roger Allen Wade - BB Gun
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    I can not press the mouse button fast enough.
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    What a Sad Day...Tech shooting

    What a horrible lost. Only a sick, sick, person would ever do that. I heard about the news at Michigan Technology University. People wrote on the street with chalk "We are all Virginia Tech Hokies". I am definitely a Hokie, that is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people and...
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    A member long withdrawn

    O'man I remember those days of Spec and Ozzy...it was classic if you were not a mod. Not saying I encourage that but it was funny LOL. Good to see you back spec73.
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    Dave Ramsey

    I have been on his plan for about 8 months. I think he is great. He talks about money (getting out of debt, life insurance, retirement, donatating, paying for a house) and life. Although I never had debt (except 2 car loans) I felt like I needed a plan. Any who, just wondering if any one knows...
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    I Smell...

    I think we could stop global warming if we all took Bean-o. I am not a global warming kind for person. History proves that. Though, I do believe we need to change our ways. The hole in the ozone is not getting any smaller.
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    New NEWS for the New Year!

    Congrats Andrew! I am sure you will do a great job keeping up Terra Forums. You are techno kinda of person so should be fun. Phil did a great job here. Phil and "the forums" have changed a lot of lives.
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    I'm Sick!

    You should really get that checked out. Although I am sure I would not get it checked out if I were in your shoes. Of course if I were in your shoes, I would be running away from you...
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    That would turn Ollie wild. Watch out! Then you would need to have the Dog Whisper come over and fix poor Ollie.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I did not get much. I have two Christmas's. Mostly got clothing *joy * and a flashlight you need to crank *pretty cool*. I was getting money from my grandma but she forgot to give it. Too late now...Why can't I ever get shotgun shells, turkey calls, or gloves? Sorry if I sound like a spoiled...
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    Today is...SUN RETURN!

    Nice job. Is that the same one from last year?
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    If you put salt on any tail of a wild animal it becomes tame. It will be your buddy for life...that is what my sister told me when I was young.
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    Merry Christmas!

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    As usually I am never around to wish Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Thanksgiving, 4rth of July, and all those other holidays. So for the people that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! I will be gone up north for a while.
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    BSL In California

    Besides not like pit bulls, rottweilers, and doverminpinchers, as long as they are penned up or on leach I do not care. It is the same thing as with any other dog, hate going out for run and having to fight off dogs.
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    Rare White Dolphin Extinct

    That is very sad...Hate to see anything go like that. Just makes me wonder if anyone is going to try cloning it. This is the only thing that always pops up in my mind (after the the fact of it being sad) when some thing goes extinct.
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    Wondering about a TF member

    Hope he is doing well and just moved on from cp's. I have a lot of respect for him, a very positive and strong willed kid for what he was/is dealing with.
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    Maybe the U.S. should hold talks with Iran

    No, could you explain?
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    My gliders finally did it!

    Yes, it is a special brand. I sugjest no zippers...but Britney would not have that problem. Please, do not let me have to explain it any more.