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    Dave Ramsey

    I have been on his plan for about 8 months. I think he is great. He talks about money (getting out of debt, life insurance, retirement, donatating, paying for a house) and life. Although I never had debt (except 2 car loans) I felt like I needed a plan. Any who, just wondering if any one knows...
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    Merry Christmas!

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    Happy Birthday rattler_mt!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day filled with friends, family, and food. You are almost at the point were they do not have enough room for all the candles. O' by the way, you should get a discount on your auto insurance now that you are at the age of 25. Happy Birthday!
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    PM's are they working?

    Nothing appears in my outbox when seding a message.
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    Hi all, I have been here awhile *since 02*.  I have lived in Michigan since 1989.  I was born in Sacramento, CA.  I have always enjoyed growing plants. When I lived in California I collected cactus. I believe I had about 50 or so.  They were very easy to take care of because all I had to do was...
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    I am back

    I am doing much better now. I am in mist of selling my house and moving in to a newer home.  I need a little bit bigger home to store all my stuff. Any how all plants clicked their heals during that time.  I did not have many plants to being with so, I will be fine. I also missed the recent...
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    Taking a break...

    As maybe some of you know I have not been around. I love cp's but believe I am going through a mid-life crisis. I need to work things out and spending time on the internet has taken a back seat. However, I do check my e-mail (which if some one messages me I will get an e-mail) and will respond...
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    Discover article on vft

    Here is a scanned image of it. I have had this *uh* since May 2005. With my mad computer skillz I was able to get it scanned to a jpg.   Hope you all enjoy!   I would like to thank jocelyn Selim for writing the aritcle.
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    Myth or fact?

    Is it a fact that you can take the stinger out? I got stung by a bee and I have never found the stinger. Although, I do know that the wasps, yellow jackets, and others do not leave their stingers in. On tv they make look so easy...
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    Jumping cactus and fish hook cactus

    I know they live out in the west like in Arizona. Didn't they use to throw prisoners on to those cactuses many years back?
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    New digital camera

    It is a cheap, cheap, digital camera. Add that to my non-photogenic ways of taking pictures, that is a bad combo. Any how this should do and this is not my best photo just a quick shot or what you call a preview.  
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    I am an uncle today

    My sister had a baby boy! I told her if she could have it naturally I would give an airplane ticket. Well, she had it naturally with no pain killers. I give her all the credit in the world, putting pressure on my other sister *hehe*. They have not named him yet but will shortly. It was around 8...
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    Pistons or spurs?

    I am from Michigan. I got to go Pistons in 5.
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    Five 3 inch pots

    You will need them after all your winnings. Starts at $2.00 *free shipping only in the US*
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    Abc mnf done!

    and NBC will take Sunday Night games. Now you have to pay for Monday Night Football...What a bowl of beans that is!   Sunday Night games are not all that great compared to MNF games. At least it is not on HBO...  
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    Travis's grow list

    Common vft Dente vft N. Ventricosa N. Edineh's (?) - I got from Fredrik Miejer Gardens N. Sanguinea Orange D. Capensis
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    What is your gas price?

    I am just curious...Newaygo, MI. Cheap grade is $2.25 per gallon. I am glad Spring is coming then I can bike to work. Maybe I will feel better seeing higher gas prices in other parts of the country. I know Canada is expensive per gallon of gas.
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    I smell spring!

    Bird’s chirping, bugs flying, leaves budding, and cps coming back from dormancy. Thank Goodness! It is a drag here during the winter months here...no offense to anyone of course. Just took my vfts out of the refrigerator and put them in new soil. Now if my sister can transplant cps, I better be...
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    Say something nice to the person

    Ae, I am bored...Since I am first, you have to say something nice to me. Like...You are pleasant or helpful to others or hard worker. If you want write a whole page about the person...We have many people that do a lot of great things here on the forum from Admins to members. It is a good way to...
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    Of course I have vfts but the only reason I have them is because since I have owned them I have not changed the soil. This is going on 3 years without me changing the soil. To this day any cp that is not a nep that I have changed the soil on has died. From vfts to sarrs to sundews *even the...