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  1. chibae

    fire rings and bogs

    Hi all. I have two (too large to easily move) in ground sarr bogs made from pond liners. We are doing some landscaping and are thinking of moving the fire ring. We use it maybe a dozen times a year. How close to the bogs do you think it would be safe to move it?
  2. chibae

    Yipee Grapes

    No Pics yet, have one more trellis wire to string, one more plant to get and the from part of the fencing to put up, along with a gate. But my mini vineyard is in. Pics to follow soon.
  3. chibae

    Lost tag, again, in move..Sarracenia

    Hi all. I am finally set up, settled in and ready to be back here at TF. however, Chib being Chib, I lost some tags in the move. This sarr grows tall and strong and early. The pictures don't show but it has a purple throat. The lids have few veins and deepen to a dark copper. Any help would be...
  4. chibae

    Too Late to have taken advantage of the spring auction, but my pond liner is here

    Too Late to have taken advantage of the spring auction, but my pond liner is here. It was placed today. Now I need to drill drainage holes and add media. My small, overgrown pond liner is next to it. Southern exposure, zone 7A, tree next to them coming down.
  5. chibae

    (No bids) And now for something completly different; shippping boots

    Up for auction is a complete set (2 for front legs, 2 for hind legs) of lined shipping boots for large pony or small horse. I used them for my 14.3 hand Morgan. He has sadly passed and due to skeletal issues, I am out of horse sports. No one within my equine sphere has horses (or ponies) that...
  6. chibae

    water notes

    Although we won't be moving into the new house until April, my husband is excited to leave the rain barrels behind. Our current well water is extremely high in iron and is very hard. it goes through a whole house sediment filter than water softener. The PPM at the sink shows .61, while at the...
  7. chibae

    So embarrassed to admit

    So embarrassed to admit but our move never happened. Life got in the way and we have changed direction. Next week we close on a house in Delaware. It has a southern exposure backyard for my gardens and a perfect location for grapes. It also boasts a 13' by 11' "sun room" that is perfectly...
  8. chibae

    reds no longer reds, help please

    For over a decade i have had a SLC Jewel box "scheherazade" that has reliably bloomed a deep red. Outside in summer, indoors rest of the year under T12 tubes. A few years ago i added a "dark waters" which under the same conditions has always bloomed magenta rather than red. Deciding the label...
  9. chibae

    a time machine for moving plants

    A forum discussion on moving plants reminded me. My hubby used the line "Think of the plants you could move" when convincing me to get our new van
  10. chibae

    We're Moving

    I won't have the greenhouse in place till next year, but we are leaving coastal MD (USA) to go 90 minutes inland to WV. Lots of sun, room for bogs and a room picked out for the plants till the new GH is done. We close in about 3 weeks, then the fun of packing and moving begins. To be...
  11. chibae

    Lighting question, mostly for cattleya

    Hi all. I live in a split foyer house (raised ranch) and have a triangular space opposite the front door where the stairway splits into two. A half flight up and a second half flight down at an angle. I would like to use the space to over winter my large cattleya orchids. I need...
  12. chibae

    Not in captivity but

    So far this summer my orchids summering on the upper deck have played host to grey tree frogs and a chorus frog. this morning I found a wee, tiny wood frog up there.
  13. chibae

    **PAID**(lizaryker $10) RlcDick Smith 'Paradise'

    Up for fun at the last minute is a seedling RlcDick Smith 'Paradise'. (The nanny bots will not let me post the actual name, which is a nickname for Richard :nono:) This baby is about a year out of it's compot and currently growing in a 2" pot. truth be told I had forgotten to list it...
  14. chibae

    **PAID**(Plant Heathen $10) division of S. 'yellow jacket'

    Up for auction will be a division of Sarr 'yellow jacket'. I will post pics as soon as I dig and divide my mother plant. Shipping will be $10.00 USD. USA only please. Starting bid of $2.00
  15. chibae

    Ghost sphagnum

    Hey all. I've been looking everywhere but cannot find an explanation for my bleached moss. It turned white in a relatively quick period of time. Same moss has, with some trimming, been growing in that pot in that spot in the tank for the last three years. To the touch it feels the same as...
  16. chibae

    Need moss suggestions

    I am looking to do a project with using moss as a very low landscape plant. I'm looking to do a combination of 2 to 4 varieties in an area about 9" x 12". Any suggestions other than heading out into my yard, mid-Atlantic USA area, to dig?
  17. chibae

    starting over with bonsai

    Just for the heck of it, and because I miss my bonsai which had an untimely death many years ago, I bought myself a new Snow Rose, serissa (serissa'foetida') to start working on a new collection. I am still looking for a Korean Hornbeam as that one had been my fav
  18. chibae

    .Pterostylis curta repotting question

    I just purchased a pot of Pterostylis curta today. The pot has multiple plants in spike. I know that the ideal repotting time is Dec-Jan. The plants appear overcrowded and I was wondering if it would be safe to try and repot them now or at least as soon as flowering is over, or should I wait...
  19. chibae

    Looking For (To Buy) Nep seeds

    Hi all. I'm looking for nep seeds, haven't grown any in a few years and have the urge to reopen the nursery. Species preferred, USA only.