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    Lots Going On

    Everyone knows May/December romance is futile right? And you can't fall in love with someone a world away and expect it to work, especially when she is a Goddess and you're an old guy with like zero net worth...right??...and if she's married with kids...even more impossible ...right? And I'm...
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    If you are into Natural Wonders this is a MUST SEE

    It's a sin this will be gone soon, so see it while you can! WOW!!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8466493.stm
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    Utricularia appendiculata

    I know it's a very long shot, but is anyone cultivating this? I believe I'm going to be introducing this here in the States, and am doing my homework as to the best chances of success if and when it arrives.
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    Need A little help

    So many friends have said if I wanted to grow again to give a holler when I was ready that I thought I would put this here. I wish I could put it in the trade forum, but I really have nothing to offer yet except promises to make it up when I can. I have some new friends in South Africa and...
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    Drosera rubrafolia

    A recent conversation has sparked my interest in this South African taxon. I've never grown it and am curious regarding it. It was discovered and named by Paul Debbert in 1991 but subsequent review reduced it to synonymous with Drosera cistiflora. I'm curious: is this caulescent like other...
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    Annual Utricularia

    Has anyone had the experience of growing these? I currently have a passionate interest in these plants and will be looking for seed shortly. Please PM me if you know any good sources. My own experience has so far been less than satisfactory. When I was 18 I got seed from Martin Cheek (he...
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    Hats Off To Mark Todd "OZZY"

    Hot off of facebook, Mark Todd stated hours ago that he just finished replanting over a thousand VFT's and assorted Pitcher Plants and that it was "no fun". If I could I'd buy him dinner, drinks, massage, whatever, and a date with the most passionate babe on the planet I would do so immediately...
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    Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!!

    OK, so tomorrow it'll be here but I may not so I wanted to do this. Dude, I just read the thing you wrote on "who is Tamlin" back in 2006 and I never saw it until today. It done put out the fire on the Now I'm Mad post I just posted. You and so many others are very dear to me here at TF, but...
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    OK, now I'm MAD

    So, setting up the photo albums on my Facebook, I go to include the link on Bob Z's photo finder to include it for my published cultivar Drosera 'Rhodesian Beauty' published December 18, 2003 on the ICPN and for the entry I read this: "Drosera 'Rhodesian Beauty' (W.Dawnstar) Comments...
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    Come Be My Friend

    So how's everything with everyone? Just dropped by to invite you to be my friend on Facebook where I've put up lots of photo's from my FORMER collection. Sundew enthusiasts should enjoy the rare photos of Drosera uniflora, not many good shots on the net of that one, and boy do I know why!!! I...
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    Spring is for FLOWERS

    Well, my Utricularia collection is sadly gone and I am missing seeing the flowers that came every spring, so I thought I'd start this thread hoping to to see some win, esp. the smaller beauties :0o:
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    Back Home in Historic Oswego

    I'm back home and unpacked again, starting to resume what passes for me as a life but there are kinks in my tail and my spirit is a lot like a wilted spinich salad. The plants are all in better shape than I am. Thanks for all the concern you have all shown and please accept my apologies for...
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    I am in crisis and won't be around until I can get my feet under me again. I know I have made some plant promises, but until I find a new and stable home I can't fufill them. I am sorry to let anyone down. I won't be able to tend my plants s if anyone in the area wishes to have them, contact me...
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    y Thoughts on Sharing

    This is the article I wrote for the inaugral edition of the Ontario Carnivorous Plant Society, reprinted here with permission from myself.  This is old hat for many of you already enlisted in Tamlin's Army, but with all the new faces and names coming in, I wanted to see if I can get to YOU...
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    Pygmy Sundew Flowers

    It's that time of year again when the Pygmy Drosera are flowering with their amazing displays. I sent out a lot of gemmae, and am curious as to who has what still growing, soooo if I sent you something you can thank me with flowers, LOL!!! My own plants are gone, so c'mon and remind me of the...
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    Kirby Salesman

    I am holed up in my room with a Kirby Salesman jist ouside the door who is demonstrating and demonstrating and demonstrating and demonstrating to Valerie who wanted the rug shampoo'd so she actually CALLED them and had this guy some over.  Of course the cleaning carried with it a demonstration...
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    Sarracenia oreophila

    I received my plant as a gift from a grower in Oregon, but I have no documentation of the gift. This plant is among the most vigorous in my collection, and just keeps dividing. I would love to share the divisions, and possibly trade them for other CP. Is this allowable by law? What must I do...
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    Drosera 'Rhodesian Beauty'

    I was wondering if any forum members are growing my cultivar D. 'Rhodesian Beauty'? I know Andrew is or was since this is his photo, lol This was the former D. "Sp. Rhodesia", and as it has now been registered with a proper name, labels should be updated for those wishing to maintain proper...
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    S. flava from VIRGINIA!

    Offered is a flowering sized Sarracenia flava from the Virginia populations, purchased 2002 from Meadowview Biological Research Station.  This is a prolific offsetting plant and a lovely example of the species.  Buyer to pay for priority mail delivery. ------------------ Well, William forgot an...
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    Let the Rain Work for You

    If you are lucky enough to have rain (which is a rare thing here the last couple years) you can use it to leach out your plant pots. Even with the best water, salts begin to accumulate leading to lack of vigorous health. Rain, especially rain with a lightning storm, is very good to clear out...