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    *PAID* S.Umlauftianna aka Stargazer (DJ57 $25)

    Hope that you haven't spent all your money. Up for bid is a large, my collection plant with flower emerging. I cannot guarantee the flower to stay intact.. Pitchers will be trimmed to remove last years growth and will be sent bare root This plant will be sent USPS Priority mail the winning...
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    Another 'Paying It Forward'...

    The stigmas usually on the outside peeking under her skirts won't help to locate them. use your finger any finger and run it from the inner part of the sepal towards the out edge. there is a small protrusion that is the stigma I have a couple of seedlings from a give away at BACPS they survived...
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    :) participation in Auction

    Hey Folks I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to participate in this year's auction too many this going on in my life Loss of 2 beloved pets, car trouble and birthday frenzy all within one week. can't manage plants at this time Sorry
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    Sarracenia seed give away

    1. Sundrew 2. Iwest 3. Flasker 4. Lil hokie 5. dionae thanks! 6. punpkinface thanks! 7. That One Guy 8. Kinjie thanks! 9. Shortbus- TYSM for the opertunity! 10.cool85k5 thanks! 11. Pineapple - Arigatou, Bri-san! 12,Flytraplady5 Thanx for the generous offer
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    ampularia for "SASE"

    1. chibae 2. Sundrew 3. Shortbus 4. limeslide - thank you 5. flytraplady5 6. Jwbates26-thanks 7. Teacake 8. 9. Mcmcnair- thanks for the opportunity Jimmy! 10. Captdonaldduc 11. catrus TY so much! 12. Lil-Stinkpot 13.tatorger, thank you for the chance 14. 15.Land_pro thank you 16...
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    N. xPredator cutting giveaway

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Date: May 2011Location: Tidewater Virginia, USAPosts: 175 1. F R e N c H 3 z - Thanks Damon, very kind of you! Have been looking for this one for some time! 2. Shortbus - Thank you 3. lance 4. Evil...
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    TRADE: Amorphophallus Corms (TWO COOL SPECIES)

    received my konjac corms today Thanx for the trade
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    Trading chain

    received Pearldiver's plants today
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    Sarracenia hybrid seeds for pygmy gemma

    (flava x alata) x "Daina's Delight" 25 "Dixi Lace" x leuc. Hurricane Creek White 10 "Night Sky" x (leuc. x minor giant) 10 (flava x alata) x "Daina's Delight" 15 (leuc. red x minor giant) x "Night Sky" 15 I am interesd in these seeds
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    Trading chain

    Ok Pearl who pays the shipping. I'll take you up on the offer for succulents I will now offer the lowii x campamulata I will pay shipping did I get it right this time?
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    Eygytian walking onions

    Oh you are such a doll. yes i still want them I'll email you
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    Giveaway #3 (for postage) - U. alpina

    1. The Griffin 2. JB_orchidguy 3. leyiyo 4. mikewilder 5. rball 6. n bicalcarata 7. Astateen 8. Mattb 9. punpkinface 10. Full collapse 11. DefiantNX 12. Mark Wilson 13. afrodisa 14. byuboy29 15. cpbobby 16. Kinjie 17. chch 18. Pearldiver 19. tatorger, thanks for the chance 20...
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    Trading chain

    go ahead Bob.It is all yours I had a moment of madness.:) Thanx JB for keeping up with what is going on
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    Yes even more Amorphophallus riveri Konjac corms up for grabs

    Hey Dragon anyone take you up on your offer ? to reply, Please email me at Grannelo@aol.com
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    Trading chain

    I have a lowii x campanulata will that be enuf to cover the red ruddfles and vent x gym? will pay shipping
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    Sarracenia rosea "Crestview, FL" × 'Leah Wilkerson' seed giveaway (SASE)

    received the seedes a coupleyof days ago off to rhe rfrig and will staer sreatifykk to stratify then Thanx for the chance to gruw w this potentially gr8 cross
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    Fresh sarracenia hybrid seed from S. rubra ssp. jonesii - giveaway

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Date: Jul 2008Posts: 27 1.ras 2. 3. 4. iwest - thanks a bunch* 5. Huntsmanshorn 6. 7.hcarlton-thanks! 8. 9.That One Guy, Thank you* 10. Captdonaldduc 29. flytraplady5 thanx bunches 44...
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    Giveaway #2 (for postage) - H. nutans

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Date: Nov 2011Posts: 96 1. Pebes- Thanks Ron! 2. BOB- Thank you for the opportunity! 3. Mcmcnair- thanks so much! 4. That One Guy Thank you!* 5. AshG2385 - wow, very nice of you! 6. Favian.... yay...