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  1. Camden M

    N. Robcantleyi for sale!!!

    Step right up, step right up! We have 1 HARDENED off Robcantleyi for sale here It has been acclimated to windowsill temps!(50-60%RH, 70 F ) Its for sale at $59.99 FREE SHIPPING! I’m shipping standard USPS priority mail. If you would like to upgrade shipping please contact me in 2-days after...
  2. Camden M

    Tiny basal!

    Hey all! I recently got a Gantungensis from florae. I noticed it has a basal that has formed. I don’t really know what to do with it. I’m afraid to cut it because at this size, I don’t know if it could survive. At the same time I feel it’s really draining from the main plant since both are...
  3. Camden M

    N. Gantungensis conditions?

    Does anyone grow this species? I was wondering if anyone would know if it could be possible to grow this species in intermediate conditions? I know the mira complex is generally pretty hardy; would this be true for this species?
  4. Camden M


    Anyone know which clones are female and male? Also any BE Hamata clones that have know genders would be helpful. (Just realized I had caps lock on, oops😅)
  5. Camden M

    Hamata x Densiflora?

    Anyone heard of this hybrid? I can’t seem to find it. This or Diatas.
  6. Camden M

    Camden M’s growlist

    I do believe I have it in my signature.
  7. Camden M

    Vannila orchid care questions

    Was wondering how you take care of it as I have no experience. Basically an overview of it.
  8. Camden M

    Villosa adjustment time

    Anyone know how long a N. Villosa takes to settle in? Im considering getting one.