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  1. Camden M

    Pitcher of the Month August 2022

    ermm... I'm afraid this is the wrong month. Were you looking for this?
  2. Camden M

    Nepenthes decapitation

    Just keep the soil unusually wet and hope for the best!
  3. Camden M

    amphirion's picture thread...

    Wow! How’d you make that? Looks beautiful!
  4. Camden M

    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for N. Dyeriana

    I.e.(Lvb x Vmv) x xTrusmadiensis, Northiana, Veitchii all of which you can buy with the same amount of money (+ a free 5$) a Rooted cutting of Dyeriana from red leaf exotics.
  5. Camden M

    N. Robcantleyi for sale!!!

    Thank you moderator!
  6. Camden M

    N. Robcantleyi for sale!!!

    Step right up, step right up! We have 1 HARDENED off Robcantleyi for sale here It has been acclimated to windowsill temps!(50-60%RH, 70 F ) Its for sale at $59.99 FREE SHIPPING! I’m shipping standard USPS priority mail. If you would like to upgrade shipping please contact me in 2-days after...
  7. Camden M

    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Sadly, as @Gregbey said in the 6th post on this thread, he can’t do more than 4 people.
  8. Camden M

    Help! N. campanulata leaf size diminishing

    Ah okay, then any change between the 2nd and 3rd leaf that you can think of? It looks like it’s really healthy btw. The only possible sign of stress is the oldest leaf on their that’s just starting to turn (to be honest it just looks like it an old leaf).
  9. 9142FF88-C5B9-48B7-BC51-899D94F47E41.jpeg


  10. Camden M

    Help! N. campanulata leaf size diminishing

    Wait are you saying this is the first leaf it’s put out under you or its been putting out leafs that have been diminishing in size by each new leaf?
  11. Camden M

    Plant of the Month September 2022

    Maxima x (Eymae x Veitchii)
  12. CC069C69-AA47-4D1B-98EA-6962DD5E8894.jpeg


  13. Camden M

    Pitcher of the Month September 2022

    (Veitchii x Burbidgea) x Platychila
  14. Camden M

    Tiny basal!

    Hey so just got this Rob from CalCarn. TONS of growth points as you can see; It divided into these four The last one is four tiny basal’s I’m guessing the same advice applies right? 😕
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