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  1. Winter Flurry

    Weather saying

    Has anyone heard this saying: “If hornets build low, Winter storms and snow; If hornets build high, Winter mild and dry.” I tested that saying out last year and it was partially right here.
  2. Winter Flurry

    Winter Flurry's Growlist

    Devil Claws Proboscidea louisianica African Devil Claw Proboscidea althaeifolia
  3. Winter Flurry

    Difference between seed pods

    How do you tell the difference between Proboscidea Althaeifolia and Probocidea Parviflora seed pods? Just wondering.
  4. Winter Flurry

    Probscidea Louisianica

    Does anyone have any Probscidea Louisianica seeds that they can send me through a SASE? Just curious.
  5. Winter Flurry

    Ibicella lutea seedlings

    I have seedlings on those 4 Ibicella lutea seeds that I got from Joel that I planted in the garden here. It took them 10 days to sprout here when they get a little bigger I wiill take a picture of them. :boogie: I sowed them on the 26th of April and I noticed them today here.
  6. Winter Flurry

    Seed Question

    How can I tell if the seeds are ripe in a Devil Claw seed pod? Just asking because i don't know what to look for. Any ideas?
  7. Winter Flurry

    Harlequin Vine

    What is a Harlequin Vine exactly? i got some of those seeds in a trade for some of my White and Black Devil Claw seeds. How do you grow those?
  8. Winter Flurry

    Newspaper Article

    I'm thinking about writing a newspaper article about Devil Claws here and someone suggested that to me for my local newspaper and I don't know how to do that.
  9. Winter Flurry


    I have noticed the fruit on the Devil Claw Plant has split and I harvested it. How long does it take to completely shed its skin? Just asking and this one is a three clawed seed pod.
  10. Winter Flurry

    Seed pods

    The Devil Claw seed pods are turning light green to yellow on the plants here. What does that mean and does it mean they are getting close to maturity or not? Just asking.
  11. Winter Flurry

    Genetic Experiment

    I did a Genetic Experiment with the White Seeded Devil Claws and the Black Seeded Devil Claws here to see which is the dominant color by letting them cross pollinate by planting side by side in the patch here.
  12. Winter Flurry


    It is normal for a Devil Claw seed pod to have 3 rows of spines? The Seed Pod that is starting to shed its skin has 3 rows of spines. What could those of 2 set of spines be used for like to make sure the seed pod stays attached to a horse hoof or what? Just wondering. ???
  13. Winter Flurry

    Line Question

    The Seed pods of my Devil Claws has lines down the sides of them. What does that mean and any ideas? Just wondering.
  14. Winter Flurry

    Planting Question

    Is it ok if I plant Devil Claws near my vegetables in a garden? I'm thinking about making a row of Devil Claws between the rows of vegetables in the garden here.
  15. Winter Flurry

    Proboscidea althaeifolia

    Will those Proboscidea althaeifolia grow here in Georgia and where can I find the seeds? Just curious.
  16. Winter Flurry


    Is it too early to plant Devil Claws in Georgia or is the right time? Just wondering and I havea compost pile ready for them.
  17. Winter Flurry

    Grow List

    What is a Grow List and what is it used for? Just wondering because I have seen other Grow lists.
  18. Winter Flurry

    Peat Pots

    I planted 4 black seeded Devil Claws in 4 Peat Pots and 4 white seeded Devil Claws in 4 peat pots with Moisture Control Potting soil indoors on February 14. I refrigerated the seeds and I will post a update when I get some seedlings. This is a experiment to see if refrigeration affects the seeds...
  19. Winter Flurry


    Is it too early to start Devil Claw seeds in Peat pots or is it not? I'm curious.
  20. Winter Flurry

    Putting seeds in freezer

    Will putting the Devil Claw seeds in the freezer harm the seeds or not harm them? I decided to put them in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer until next spring.