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  1. Tower

    Diagnosis help

    I mist mine every M W F. The LFS sure does love it haha, oh and the springtails
  2. Tower

    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    Haha yea they are getting here
  3. Tower

    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    SG Katopasso Red form AW CLone 3
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  6. Tower

    Carnivorous Plant Memes

  7. Tower

    Carnivorous Plant Memes

    Found this one on facebook and had me rolling hahaha.
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  9. Tower

    LED grow lights strong enough?

    This is what mine look like under the setup Ive got. As you can tell, with the new growth its def greener after turning down the lights haha.
  10. Tower

    LED grow lights strong enough?

    This is the premade I use http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-189X-PRO-LED-Grow-Light/dp/B007CKC18K It is far from bad, but It produced so much lighting for me, I had to turn down the light intensity. All my neps got a very dark red to them, esppecially on my eddie and hamata.
  11. Tower

    LED grow lights strong enough?

    I use leds, not something like this small. But 1515 lux's dont seem bright enough, Id say no. Mine uses about 300 watts, (true watts) if that puts in in prospective of how powerful mine is. Its just so hard to say unless you give it a try, because leds technology still needs so much research on...
  12. Tower

    Grow lights for grow tents

    If you use t5's you are going to have issues with temps because your basically traping the heat in there. I will say this, as long as you can keep the grow tent vented or use an ac to keep the temps knocked down you should be fine. I used 4 4ft 2 tube t5s in a 8 ft x 8ft grow tent just fine, but...
  13. Tower

    Cooling a grow chamber?

    I use a chest freezer, and it does serve the purpose very well, for babys. Long term not sure growing massive plants in a chest freezer will be practical :)
  14. Tower

    Highland conditions?

    I stole an idea from Luca, I used a deep freeze ice chest :)
  15. Tower

    Highland Grow Tent AC + Humidity Issues

    I ran into this issue with my 8 x 8ft grow tent, unfortunately, there isnt a fix, because the AC compressor turns on, its going to blow air into the grow tent, thus blowing the air inside the tent out. I had this exact same problem, however, one the ac kicks off the humidifier should kick up the...
  16. Tower

    Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp trial

    I use these lights, http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-189X-PRO-LED-Grow-Light/dp/B007CKC18K that I got from a friend, and I can tell you Ive noticed a ton of nice healthy growth.
  17. Tower

    Jake's Grow List

    Hey Guys, This is my list as of 06/27/2015 Light Fixture Used: One 300 Watt LED http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-189X-PRO-LED-Grow-Light/dp/B007CKC18K Pro LED 189X Nepenthes : Nepenthes Attenboroughii seedlings SG (two) Nepenthes Burbigeae x TM SG Nepenthes Dubia SG Nepenthes Edwardsiana Marai...
  18. Tower

    Some really bad news

    I saw this, praying for him and his family
  19. Tower

    New indoor grow tent set up

    I used to have a grow tent, and I can tell you from years of experience def put a plastic tarp down to collect water or youll have a mildewy carpet lol. I decided to keep more toothy rare plants, so I went down to a deep freeze ice chest :)