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  1. GregNY

    Indoor House

    Kickin off a new thread with some stuff I grow indoors with a 4 tiered shelving system in which I split in to two sections for growing... Apologies in advance for the non-professional like pics. Geez I need to get meself a nice camera after lookin at pics on this forum! Upstairs..... Group...
  2. GregNY

    Raiden's New Enclosure

    So back in July I happened to go to the White Plains Reptile show to check out reptiles and black jungles' section and ended up coming home with a panther chameleon from screameleons.... 1st Day Did some searching around online and decided I was going to build a nice large 2x3x4 screen...
  3. GregNY

    NECPS Show 2011

    So I made the trip today to the annual NECPS show. I had two last minute tag-a-longs to accompany me. Caused the experience to be slightly short lived unfortunately but all in all, enjoyed it thoroughly. Would make the trip solo again tomorrow if I could! I didnt get a chance to chit chat with...
  4. GregNY

    5.8 Earthquake

    I just felt the 5.8 earthquake that just hit Virginia! CRAZY to feel the grounds shift on Long Island, NY originating from VA. Wow...
  5. GregNY

    China to Taiwan

    Hey, ridiculous post, but it provided me with a chuckle during my long day at work Go to Google.com and click on Maps. Get directions from China to Taiwan and check out #48 on the direction list.....
  6. GregNY

    Plants and Their Flowers

    Just came across this presentations that I found quite interesting. Gorgeous flowers and their amazing evolution Jonathan Drori
  7. GregNY

    Another CP Picture Thread

    Well I decided to start a (hopefully) constantly updating picture thread of my own due to my discovery of pics I took with my phone of some of my collection from last year. Hopefully in their new location they turn out even better this year.... Miranda veitchii "Pink" St. Galla Red Dragon...
  8. GregNY


    The Hidden Beauty of Pollination ~Not sure if this was posted previously, as it was recorded back in March, but very interesting none the less...
  9. GregNY

    TDS Readings

    Alright, exciting day for me as I finally received the TDS meter I've been waiting for to 'test the waters'. I've heard good things about water quality on Long Island so I was optimistic with it being low. I tested multiple locations allowing water to run for 10secs and had some interesting...
  10. GregNY

    Northiana Question

    Alright so I've had a SG northiana for 2 years now. Slowwww and steady... It currently reside in my little indoor greenhouse with temps from 65-78ish and +60% humidity at all times with good air circulation. I'm kind of concerned with keeping it too moist... I'm considering moving it to my...
  11. GregNY

    Spring 2011Collection

    Finally just brought out a bunch of Nepenthes from the indoor area to a more sunny outside location. Repotted the cold hardy ones a few weeks back and just repotted the neps before bringing them out... Spring 2011 N. "sibxhamata" - 4 grow points Its root structure... Repotted N. 'Red...
  12. GregNY

    Unknown/Known Nep

    Hello everyone, been awhile.... I had this "sibuyanensis x hamata" for 2 years or so now and its really starting to show some vigorous growth. Just thought I'd get some opinions as to what its parentage may be as it gradually matures..... at its rate I hope it put out some different uppers...
  13. GregNY

    Miranda Burn

    To sum up whats going on as concise as possible, I had given my parents 2 large Mirandas to care for through the winter. With the warm weather arriving, I had them place one outside, but apparently they put it in a full sun location and it ended up with some pretty sever burn. Stupid mistake on...
  14. GregNY

    ??? Necatar Glands or....

    Need someone to identify what these could be. I had thought originally for them to be signs of a pest, but upon just reading a newly posted thread I'm thinking different. Could someone point me in the right direction :
  15. GregNY

    Collection Pics

    Just thought I'd share some bits and pieces of my collection. You can see more from my photo shoot I just took here: http://s859.photobucket.com/albums/ab155/gerg200/Carnivorous%20plants/April%2020%202010/
  16. GregNY

    House Plant Growing

    Hello members, Looking for some helpful tips here. I've been growing 2 mature mirandas and 1 ventrata as houseplants for a good 4 months now. I just recently aquired a mature St. Galla and Red Dragon as well that I will also be growing in my house conditions. With the plants I've had...
  17. GregNY

    Updated Progress

    Hello everyone, thought I'd create a post to show the progress I've made with my indoor grow rack/chamber. Some plants are still acclimating and some are taking off. Group Photo: N. ventricosa: http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab155/gerg200/DSC01863.jpg...
  18. GregNY

    Revenge of the Plants

    Anyone catch the show "Revenge of the Plants" on the science channel. Interesting, just caught the last 20 mins of it....Looks like a very interesting hour episode where scientists help redefine the understanding of plant intelligence. Gotta dvr it next time its on
  19. GregNY


    so I received quite a batch of different sarr seeds and began the stratification process about 2 weeks ago using a damp paper towel in the fridge method. Just took them out today to observe and noticed these reddish blotches, not located around the seeds but more so on the outer folds. I'm...
  20. GregNY

    VFT ID Help

    Well seems 2 Home Depots got their Halloween supply of VFT's in. Out looking for flooring today and stumbled upon this. I'm hoping its a good find :banana2: and not just a typical VFT :-(. Could anyone identify. Sorry for the closed traps....Thanks! Could it be a B52??