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  1. corky

    Silverhill seeds

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5431283/British-couple-feared-kidnapped-ISIS-South-Africa.html thought this should be posted
  2. corky

    my d.regia

    A couple of pics of my d.regia, this is the first time I have managed to get a flower stalk on one, and the plant is about 18 months old from a root cutting . It was left all winter indoors on a southerly facing windowsill 30cm leaves and this is the mother plant I left outside except for the...
  3. corky

    P. esseriana in full bloom

    Only have my phone for pics at the moment, P. Esseriana loves my windowsill
  4. corky

    Stewart Mcpherson fundraiser

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1352171326/britains-overseas-wildlife follow this link if you would like to help raise enough funds for Stewarts new documentary project
  5. corky

    regia tough as old boots

    my regia's got hit by frost and had not formed proper winter buds,thought they were for the for the compost heap ,but these guys just aint going out like that,they want to live,this one is by far the slowest to come back to life but on closer inspection it seems to of formed a new plant to the...
  6. corky

    first time growing Cephalotus from seed

    last year was the first time i have managed to get a Cephalotus to flower,i used a small paint brush to improve pollination , in early October last year the seeds were sown on a mix of sand and peat and left on a chilly windowsill for a couple of months,then i covered the top of the container...
  7. corky

    d.peltata seeds

    i am getting 20 peltata seeds,i was planning to sow half the seeds now because i think the temps and daylight hours would be better to sow in the autumn i was wondering if the other half of the seeds would still be viable next autumn,thanks in advance for any advice,i have not tried tuberous...
  8. corky

    corky's first attempt at roridula

    so i got 5 roridula.dentata seeds and i sowed them on a mix of 2/1 perlite and peat ,no special treatments and i did not cover the seeds to increase humidity,as i thought covering the seeds would also increase the chance of fungus,so far three out of five seeds are showing signs of life if...
  9. corky


    i have a pot of these under flo lights and a pot on the window sill,they show quite different growth,the ones under flo lights are stronger looking plants,on the window sill they have a more stretched appearance which i think is more typical of the species ,all the plants under the flo lights...
  10. corky

    p.cyclosecta advice

    hi ping fans,i know little about these plants but have a dormant cyclosecta that to me looks like it can be divided ,if possible i would like to divide because i don't want all my eggs in one basket so to speak,i would like to know the best time to divide and potting mix ,looks like five plants...
  11. corky

    gemmae photo period

    can any of you pygmy growers tell me the photo period required for d.puchella to produce gemmae,i want to put them under flo lights because i do not think the winter sun is strong enough through my window,any advice would be good i have not grown pygmy dews before
  12. corky

    flower stalk plantlets

    i took a couple of fower stalks earlier in spring and have some very tiny plants appear,should i put them under my lights and force them through dormancy as they are so small?
  13. corky

    a visit to Kew gardens

    finally i visited Kew gardens,something i have been meaning to do for sometime,i was shocked at how huge the grounds were,and the sheer size of the glass houses is breath taking the palm house the temperate house ,these are the two biggest...
  14. corky

    slackii leaf pulling what now

    ??? what to do next is the question ,after 3 to 4 months it has a plantlet:-D
  15. corky

    frozen pots

    found my vft pots frozen ,question is do you think they will survive
  16. corky

    my plant thread

    Corky's plant thread
  17. corky

    hl day time heat

    a quick question for nep growers,i just purchased a micro waverble heat pad for my elderly dog ,but instead of lying on it he has made it his enemy and is trying to kill it,i was wondering if i could put it to good use under my hl tray of neps to boost the day time temps,is this a bad idea to...
  18. corky

    neem oil

    well here goes my first proper post,i seem to have mites but they seem to be slow breeders so maybe not the really bad guys,is it ok to use neem oil on young neps i was warned off using it on young plants by the shop i got it from but being a hydroponics shop he thought i was growing mary jane...
  19. corky

    about time

    hello everyone i have been checking out this forum for ages but to be honest have never posted,mostly because i feel amature compared to most on here,i grow a few neps,sundews and a few sars,well now i have bit the bullett and said hello