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  1. aaddaam

    Fungus/mildew on Orchidoides

    Has anyone else had this problem on their Orchidoides? Alot of mine are coming down with it and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?
  2. aaddaam

    How I grow U. campbelliana

    I've been growing campbelliana for about 5 months and it hasn't died so I feel like its time to post how i grow it. Lighting I use T12s for all my plants. Honestly I have no idea what the difference between T12s, T8s and T5s, so some might work better than others I don't know. I just go by the...
  3. aaddaam

    My "greenhouse"

    Hey tf its been a long time since I've posted pics here so here we go. My "greenhouse" is a Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent and I've ran tubing thorough it. The tubing is connected to a pump in a freezer on a timer. The pump is also on a timer. So i end up with icy water being pumped throughout the...
  4. aaddaam

    looking to trade for a few things

    hello I am looking to trade some my plants for medim to large D. regia, drosophyllum seeds and D. graomogolensis. i have plenty of things to trade so heres a list of all of it. pots full of Stylidium debile h. Nutans-Wei( 2 plants in the pot and they are divisions from a seedgrown plant)...
  5. aaddaam

    looking to trade for alot of capensis seeds

    hello iam looking for about 15 capensis flower stocks. i can trade some very nice Stylidium debile or a S. x catesbaei. pm me if interested. thanks adam
  6. aaddaam


    i was just wondering if anybody else gets impatient with their neps when forming a pitcher. iam have this with a lot of my neps right now. most of these dont have other pitchers for one reason or another.:-( jambans( 3 of them) jaquelineae glabrata truncata(possibly dark or black)...
  7. aaddaam

    drosera hilaris pics

    i am sorry that the pics are blurry i not a good photographer. thanks adam
  8. aaddaam

    looking for drosophyllum and byblis seeds

    i'm looking for drosophyllum and byblis seeds. any sp of byblis will work. i can trade a pot of established stylidium, a seed grown N.rafflesiana(about 5 inches in diameter), a pot with a couple of S. x catesbaei, or a pot with a couple of S. purpurea ssp purpurea X S. purpurea ssp purpurea or...
  9. aaddaam

    any pics of large Pinguicula gigantea ?

    i would like to see pics of a large Pinguicula gigantea but i only can find one on the internet so i was wondering if anyone here has some. thanks adam
  10. aaddaam

    Orchidioides utric trade

    in about a month i will be able to take divisions from my Utricularia endresii and Utricularia geminiloba(there may be more than 1 division of each). i would like to know if any one would have any of the following to trade(they are in order from most wanted to least) Utricularia campbelliana...
  11. aaddaam

    roridula help

    well i now have a r. gorgonias but iam wondering if the humidity is to high for it. the humidity is at about 80% but if i turned the fan up more it might afftect the other plants. i also was thinking for those of us who cant get our plants close enough to the lights if we could use a very...
  12. aaddaam

    U. longifolia

    i have a very large longifolia and i was wondering when do they usually flower or do they just do it anytime of the year. thanks adam
  13. aaddaam

    looking for some epiphytic utricularia

    iam looking for some epiphytic utricularia. if you have forms, locations, or just regular plants of Utricularia buntingiana Utricularia campbelliana Utricularia endresii Utricularia geminiloba Utricularia humboldtii Utricularia jamesoniana Utricularia nephrophylla Utricularia praetermissa...
  14. aaddaam

    H. chimantensis- seed grown for trade

    i just took a division from my seed grown H. chimantensis- seed grown and iam looking for almost any Iperua or Orchidioides utricularia. pm me or email at adam_201207* the * with @) USA only thanks adam
  15. aaddaam

    looking for lots of capensis seeds

    iam looking for about 10,000 capensis seeds. i have D. pulchella "salmon flower" gemmae to trade for them and possiably some other things. pm me plz. thanks
  16. aaddaam

    crossing queensland dews?

    hey i was wondering if you could cross D. adelae and prolifera?
  17. aaddaam

    N. villosa basaling

    my villosa is about 1- 2 inches in diameter and is basaling. i think it is because i had it in colder temps than it wanted so it stopped growing and formed a bulb right under the growing point. now that i have moved it to warmer temps it has started growing and has 4 basals. iam so excited i...
  18. aaddaam

    looking for some things

    if anyone has any of these plants plz pm me. i will trade pretty generously . iam especially interested in any epiphytic utricularia. any roridula with location data drosophyllum with location data Genlisea sp other than hispidula or violacea N. TM and hybrids any pygmy drosera that i dont have...
  19. aaddaam

    some pics of my colection

    i know some of these are really bad pictures. i may be the worst picture taker ever but here it goes. :edit: if you want a good look at a pic click on it. thanks <a target='_blank' href=''><img...
  20. aaddaam

    jamban for trade

    i recently took a cutting of my jamban and is makeing roots so i decided to trade it. it is about 2 nodes. this is not first come first serve it is best offer. USA only thanks adam