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  1. theyellowdart

    Venus Flytrap 'Petite Dragon' for trade.

    I have a good sized Venus Flytrap 'Petite Dragon' I'd like to trade off. It's currently dormant, but should be waking up pretty soon. I'm looking for Sarracenia not on my growlist, any Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, and a QoH x KoS Nepenthes truncata (which I'd be willing to add something into the...
  2. theyellowdart

    Looking For: Byblis Seeds and Utrics

    Hey everyone. Long time no see! As the title says, I'm looking for Byblis seeds and any Utrics. I don't have too much I really want to trade other than some Lithops and maybe a division of a 'Petite Dragon' flytrap. If you see something reasonable on my growlist (which I'll forewarn you, needs...
  3. theyellowdart

    Pot of U. longifolia For Trade

    I'm open to pretty much any offer. PM me here or send me an email at theyellowdartmti(at) Sorry the pictures are so crummy. I'll get better ones tomorrow when there's sunlight I can use. Matt
  4. theyellowdart

    N. 'Judith Finn' Flowering

    Hey guys My N. 'Judith Finn' is putting up a flower stalk, which marks my first Nepenthes flower! Anyone know if this one is a male or female? I can provide pictures if necessary, but I figured one of you hardcore Neppers would know right off the bat. Also, as a feeler, would anyone be...
  5. theyellowdart

    D. burmannii "Light Pink Flower" winner BJTS $10

    Up for auction is four (4) D. burmannii "Light Pink Flower" seedlings, each about a month and a half to two months old. These are extremely hardy and fast growing plants that set TONS of seed when mature. They will grow twice as fast when regularly fed and have "snap tentacles" that respond very...
  6. theyellowdart

    Drosera capillaris seeds with location data! Timmy $12

    Up for auction is ~100 seeds of Drosera capillaris 'Long Arm' from Polk County Florida. A very easy growing and beautiful plant. Starting bid: $2 I pay the shipping. Pics soon.
  7. theyellowdart

    Phal in Bloom

    This plant grows and readily blooms on my north facing windowsill. Definitely one of my favorites. P. Brother Pepride x P. Brother Sara Gold: <a href="" title="DSC_0098 by dart_mti, on Flickr"><img...
  8. theyellowdart

    Looking For N. aristo & N. hamata

    Both of these plants have been on my want list for some time, so I've finally decided to step out and ask. Check my grow list and tell me if your interested in anything. Thanks, Matt
  9. theyellowdart

    Editing Help Appreciated

    Recently, as some of you know, I've been working to complete my Air Force ROTC scholarship application. There is but one writing section on it that I think may be able to use some rewording or improvements in vocabulary, as I'm not the best writer. I would highly appreciate it if anyone on here...
  10. theyellowdart

    Drosera burmannii 'Light Pink Flower' Seeds For Trade

    I've got quite a few seeds from this plant that I'd like to trade off. None of the plants that flowered have died as they were supposed to.. being annuals and all. :p I'm interested in Mexican pings and seeds or specimens of really red dews; but of course if you have anything else you'd like to...
  11. theyellowdart

    New Camera!

    Today I picked up my X-mas/Birthday gift from my parents, a Nikon D5000. (I chipped in a little too, lol) I still have a lot to learn, but here are some of my favorite shots from the course of today: <a href="" title="Cephalotus...
  12. theyellowdart

    Drosera capillaris 'Long Arm' From Polk County FL Seeds for Trade

    If all goes according to plan, I should have ~5 pods ready for harvest in a week or three... (I'm not sure exactly how far along they are, as this will be my first time taking seed from this plant.) If your interested, send me a pm with an offer. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Matt
  13. theyellowdart

    Byblis For Trade

    One pot of three B. liniflora up for trade. These apparently do not ship well, so I would prefer to ship them potted; but if you do not want all of the plants and are willing to take the risk, I can uproot them. I'm trying to get rid of some of the "surplus" items in my collection and these are...
  14. theyellowdart

    Looking For Some Things

    Hello! I've been searching for these particular plants for quite a while and would be highly appreciative if anyone offers [one of] them for trade. -Drosera graomogolensis -- been searching for this forever. Willing to offer up a lot for one of any size. -Dionaea muscipula 'Red Pirhana'...
  15. theyellowdart

    Some Cephalotus Pictures

    I've never been good at taking pictures of this plant, so sorry they aren't too great. I hope the plant itself makes up for the lack of photo quality. I get a kick out of this every time I see it. The plant when I first got it almost 2 years ago: Enjoy
  16. theyellowdart

    Drosera capillaris 'long arm' flowering

    My last surviving D. capillaris 'long arm' (Polk County, FL) from CPlantaholic's seed giveaway is throwing up a flower stalk. I'm a little worried, as the plant is currently the size of a nickel. Will flowering slow the plant down, or worse, kill it? Does anyone know how big this plant will...
  17. theyellowdart

    Drosera binata "small red form" seeds for SASE

    Fresh seed collected today. (9/3/09) This is an easy species that stays relatively small and has the ability to spread like capensis. I've read that a "dormancy" or cold period is recommend, but mine were grown indoors last winter without any problems (so far). You may want to try growing half...
  18. theyellowdart

    Pictures From UNCC's Greenhouse and Bogs

    Hey Guys Last week before my tour of the campus, I got to visit UNC Charlotte's greenhouse and botanical gardens. The bog gardens, Nepenthes, and orchids were all amazing. The largest flytraps I've ever seen! (The picture doesn't even do it justice) Inside: I think...
  19. theyellowdart

    Darlingtonia Seeds

    I have some Darlingtonia seeds that have been in stratification for about 3 weeks (put in 6/8/09) and was wondering if it would be OK to sow them tomorrow, about 5 days short of a full 4 weeks (I'm leaving for pretty much the rest of the summer tomorrow). I don't think it should be too much of a...
  20. theyellowdart

    Utricularia jamesoniana

    Is anybody on here growing this species? It has recently caught my eye and there doesn't seem to be too much information on it. Any info about this plant is appreciated! (Pictures are always nice too.) Thanks, -Matt