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    looking for orchid

    I'm looking for an Orchid plant Lycaste aromatica If anyone had a spare plant or can divideone Please let me know and I sure we can work out something. Arie
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    Nepentes seeds to offer

    I just harvested fresh Nepenthes seeds this week those seeds are from N.'ventrara' (female) the male might be 'gentle' or 'mixta' (sorry I can't say for sure who is the father As at the last time I had offer Nep. seeds and I took on myself the cost of shipment (which was over 100 Euro) I need...
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    nepenthes seeds to share

    I had make the cross and got now seeds of Nepenthes ventricosa “Hot Lips” X N.ventricosa (yellow) . Those seeds are free and are fresh. You don't have to offer anything in return but if any have and willing to share with me seeds or plants of uncommon Drosera's in return I would be thankful...
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    upgrade in big lowland terrarium

    Hope you like it Arie
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    My new Highland GH is finised

    After the cold chamber was too small I have finised now to build a new GH for all highlands (3X2.5X2.5 Meter) Arie
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    Nepenthes for trade

    I can offer those Nepenthes all are rooted cuttings all in 3 sizes (small,med and big). If interested plz PM with what you have in exchange plus size N.globosa (known as N.viking) and N. 'king tiger" Arie
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    "King Tiger"

    here is the one I had marked as "King tiger" seems like a beuty grow fast and nicely pitcher after pitcher Arie
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    My new cold GH setup

    As you surely know our weather isn't rhe one to grow highland's so after killing quite many I had just finish building the new setup for them. first photo the GH from outside with aircondition foger system work with water pump the water pump works with a relay every 10 min 30 sec as long as...
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    Happy Chanukah

    Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is a celebration of the victory of the Maccabees and the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple. It also commemorates the miracle of the oil that burned for 8 days Arie
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    A visit in my gh - video

    at last July I had a visit in my Gh for a TV program here is a link to the video sorry it speak Hebrew and same for the subtitels cp-video Arie
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    Mimosa seeds

    I have some fresh Mimosa pudica seeds If anyone like them please send me a msg. they are for free but like some CP seeds in return Arie
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    Some photos from the eee at prague

    sorry the titels in Hebrew but I sure you would like them Photos from the EEE at prage Arie
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    New way to use saar's

    just got a e-mail with the new way to use Saar's Arie
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    New cobra lily var.?

    I just got the photo do you know it? can I grow them?         Arie
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    Sharing an experiment

    I like to share with all of you an experiment I'm running for the last 4 months. In this experiment I had 10 Nepenthes with my normal mix of peat moss and perlite And 10 Nepenthes plants in peat moss perlite and Osmocote (10 pellets in each pot of 1.5 Liter) Both groups of plants were the same...
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    Here are some photos from my new gh

    now after all finished here are few photos of the new GH Arie
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    Someone can help?

    I had wrote an CP article for a gardening paper with photos all mine but they want to put one on the front page of the paper and it has to be high quality (about 5 Mg or bigger for a4 paper size) looking for vft or Sarr's one I would give the credit to him for sure if anyone has a photo and...
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    Drosophyllum seeds

    I have some fresh Drosophyllum seeds from a colonie located Monchique (Alganve) and it's seems very vigorous plants. I'm willing to swap for other rare seeds or plants PM please but please lets talk about uncommon ones Arie
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    Fresh byblis seeds for trade

    I just collected fresh Byblis liniflora seeds open for trade offers Arie
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    Id this nep. came with alata and tobica labels

    This Nepenthes came with 2 labels one said alata and second said tobica. What you think (I had an Idea but like to be sure) Thanks Arie