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  1. jerrysmith

    Current Personal Ramblings-Non Hobby Style

    So, last Monday 12/14 I got to work and was told 5 people have tested positive for Covid and that I have been exposed to multiple positive cases. Work is closed till Jan 4. I went for a test on that day and came back negative on Wednesday. I did have a sore throat and post nasal drip on the day...
  2. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    For the past two years I've been burying my plants under a very large pile of dry leaves covered over by a sheet of plastic to keep the leaves dry. I did that today. S. leucophylla 2 plants, S. minor 1 plant, S. psittacina 1 plant, S. flava 3 plants, S. rubra 1 plant, S. Scarlett Belle 1 plant...
  3. jerrysmith

    S. leucophylla refrigerator overwintering?

    I bought a S. leucophylla this year. It's my second. The first died one winter along with other Sarracenia hybrids. They were kept in my unheated detached garage. They did freeze at maybe 10F or so for a week maybe. I read they are native further south than VFT. My logic said I should try going...
  4. jerrysmith

    Jan 13, 2018 Meeting at Princeton University

    The Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society (MACPS) https://www.macpsociety.com/ is currently in a start-up phase and we are seeing some pretty good interest so far. We have had two meetings so far. The first was held on Sat June 17, 2017 at the Carnivorous Plant Nursery in Smithburg, MD. The...
  5. jerrysmith

    Planted my VFT today

    I took my 15 VFT out of the refrigerator today and removed them from the moist peat moss they were stored in over the winter. Potted them in pure peat moss. They are in a sunny window in my unheated garage since we are expecting a cold snap late this week down to the mid 20's. Might bring in my...
  6. jerrysmith

    Peat Granules as D. indica media?

    Have any of you used Peat Granules as a growing media? http://www.valuepetsupplies.com/fluval-peat-granules-500-gram-17-6-oz.html?tab=review I recently read it works well for D. indica. I have some seed and need to get it sown.
  7. jerrysmith

    Sphagnum Moss Dormancy Needed?

    Does Sphagnum Moss need to go dormant in the winter, or will it do fine overwintering in my house? I have some growing in my CP and was wondering.
  8. jerrysmith

    Frailea castanea seedling

    I have 5 seed producing plants in a large planter. I took a shot of a seedling more than two years ago. These plants were all sold at a Connecticut Cactus and Succulent Society meeting in NJ this past summer. I have fresh seed from time to time. If anyone wants any, its yours for the postage...
  9. jerrysmith

    Photo of Sarracenia seed?

    I have never seen the seed of a Sarracenia plant. Does anyone have a photo with a scale reference for size estimation? I would really like to see a photo. Mine have not produced seed yet. I get flowers, but no seed so far.
  10. jerrysmith

    S. leucaphylla Tarnock culture

    I bought a S. leucophylla "Tarnock" two springs ago at a garden center locally. It was/is in a 4"square plastic pot. It didn't really look large when I bought it, but it was the best I could get then. I keep my Sarracenia's outdoors spring to fall in full sun in water trays. Most of my CP are in...
  11. jerrysmith

    Hi from Bloomingdale, NJ

    Hi all I found this site via a Google search for culture info on Mexican Pings. But as it turns out, my one and only Mexican Ping was purchased from FlyTrapShop.com this summer-so I should have known about this forum before now. I have a P. moctezumae. I also have a few pots of VFT, about 5...