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  1. 31drew31

    Ceph Eden Black X self on E-bay.

    FWIW; I purchased a bunch of Cephalotus seed last fall from Stephen Morely, some of which were "EB x self". They are now roughly 1 year since I planted them. The EB x self are showing a lot more colour than any of the other seedlings, and all are being grown beside each other under the same...
  2. 31drew31

    Hello ... and how to change forum date display?

    Nvm read your question wrong.
  3. 31drew31

    N. edwardsiana growers - come in!

    As corky said, Dave has mentioned twice that anthocyanins haven't been found in Nepenthes. Im sure if this discussion was brought up on the PP forums he could find an article or two. http://pitcherplants.proboards.com/user/554/recent?q=anthocyan
  4. 31drew31

    Water rooting Cephalotus leafs?

    I tested 4 in water, 4 in soaked LFS and 4 stuck horizontally in the top of my Cephs pot. Soaked LFS rooted fastest 100%. Ones in the Ceph pot look good about 2 months later. The ones in the water, 1 rotted away within a few weeks, the other 3 have multiple roots. For me, soaked LFS or putting...
  5. 31drew31

    Mineral media gone anaerobic?

    Ive had perlite get that blackish color on occasion and it never seemed to cause any trouble (see pic below). Never had the rotten egg smell in my Ping pots though. If you're worried about it I would repot and skip the top dressing of sand. Most Pinguicula never skip a beat when being repotted.
  6. 31drew31

    P. moranensis and ? P. moctezumae ?

    No problem, didn't mean to come across rude or frustrated :)
  7. 31drew31

    P. moranensis and ? P. moctezumae ?

    As I said on your last thread, looks like P. 'Aphrodite' (agnata x moctezumae like birdman says). http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?134540-ID
  8. 31drew31

    Plant of the Month August 2013

    H. heterodoxa
  9. 31drew31

    Shrinking crown

    Hard to say whats going on from a description. If you can post a photo you will probably get more responses (and more accurate advice). Normally flowering itself wont change the size of the leaves.
  10. 31drew31

    Repotting cephalotus?

    That's jaumavensis and its potted in perlite/APS about 50/50.
  11. 31drew31

    Repotting cephalotus?

    If the soil is compacted and old, I would repot now. Cephalotus aren't nearly as finicky as some make them out to be.
  12. 31drew31

    What media do you keep on hand?

    Yup. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?134281-Good-deal-on-Turface
  13. 31drew31

    What Butterwort is Best for Me?

    All the above suggestions are good, but here is a few more similar threads on the subject. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?134284-Beginner-ping http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?133184-Good-starter-butterwort
  14. 31drew31

    Pet Lizard Suggestions?

    Uromastyx are pretty cool little lizards and not a ton of work. http://www.deerfernfarms.com/uromastyx_species.htm
  15. 31drew31

    pu-pu-ping-ping-ping-ping power!

    Looks great amp! Its gunna be fulllll in a year or two!
  16. 31drew31

    Happy Birthday Av8tor1!!!!

    Happy bday Av!
  17. 31drew31

    gypsicola blooming

    Good work with this Ping Jimmy!
  18. 31drew31

    Is this what I think it is?!

    Pings don't really get affected by flowering. I have some that have been in constant flower for 7-8months before stopping for a short break. Chances are this one will send up a few flowers back to back. Pirouette is a strong "flowerer" :)
  19. 31drew31

    Is this what I think it is?!

    Looks like it to me, youll know forsure in a day or two.
  20. 31drew31

    How I Propagate Cephalotus

    Good video jrj88! Very nice selection of clones you have there. I haven't done as much propagating of Cephs as you, but have found them very hardy and really quite easy to grow over the past few years. I always remove as much media as possible when repotting and find if they're healthy they...