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  1. Werdna

    Heliamphora seed pod development

    My H. heterodoxa x ionasi is developing a seed pod but I recently rearranged my grow shelf and the inflorescence is no longer receiving much light (the pitchers are still getting plenty) and I'm concerned that the low light might negatively impact seed pod development. Does anyone know if...
  2. Werdna

    Genlisea aurea and margaretae for Research

    I am working with a researcher at the University of Arizona who is studying carnivorous plant genomes. He is particularly interested in plants with the smallest genomes and Genlisea aurea and margaretae are at the top of his list. It is difficult to obtain much test material because these plants...
  3. Werdna

    D. Capensis 'all red' seeds for SASE

    I've got 11 packets of 50 to 100 D. capensis 'all red' seeds avaliable for SASE. This offer is open to any U.S. resident that didn't get in on my last SASE offer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  4. Werdna

    D. nidiformis seeds for SASE or trade

    I have 8 packets of D. nidiformis seeds each with approximately 50 - 100 seeds. There is a little bit of chaff with the seeds, but I was able to remove most of it. I'm offering them up for SASE or trade. I will trade for any type of CP seed except D. capensis and D. binata. If you decide to do a...
  5. Werdna

    found ping on home depot floor

    This ping had been sitting on the floor at home depot for the last couple of days and I finaly decided to save it because nobody there cared enough to put it back in it's pot. I tossed it in my capensis pot for now, does anybody know what it is?
  6. Werdna

    Meeting of The Andrews

    So Andrew 1 and I (Andrew 2) met, and to my surprise the universe is still intact. When we shook hands no explosions went off and no wormholes to alternate dimensions opened up, however there were some similarities that went just beyond our names and birthdays: We were both dressed pretty much...
  7. Werdna

    Another Andrew from Tucson

    Hi everybody, my name is Andrew and I too am from Tucson, AZ and I just had to join when I found out there was a carnivorous plant nursery here :boogie:. I used to grow a lot of orchids and some big low land neps in a green house, but was forced to give it up a few years ago when I moved and...