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  1. NewspaperFort

    Anyone have photos of this supposed Sarracenia 'Willisii'?

    You know, the one that doesn't contain leuco? Also, why is it never referenced in quotes as a cultivar should? Have you noticed that?
  2. NewspaperFort

    PAID (cekeys $15) LAST MINUTE Terrestrial Utricularia combo pack

    As I love Utricularia sp., I figured I would add a couple of plants that haven't been listed for your consideration. Maybe it will gain me some karma to win on those I am bidding on ;] I will send a small plug of each plant, enclosed in a vial, with a small piece of sphagnum. If any plant...
  3. NewspaperFort

    Looking For (trade) iso dionaea seed (OP sarracenia seed avail.)

    my large tray of sarracenia did wonderfully this year. i have many seeds (OP) of labeled and unlabeled Sarracenia. I have been working to spread my drosera seed around, and would like to seed these pots with dionaea as well. not expecting a strong return from wildly scattered seeds, so i'd like...
  4. NewspaperFort

    PAID (bluemax $5) handmade ceramic nepenthes ampullaria pot

    Photos really aren't working for me. Google album that I can't seem to get to work: Pitcher plant pot, about two inches tall and one inch in diameter. I have been exploring making small undrained containers in the shape of pitcher plants. Up for auction is a strange little crystalline gold...
  5. NewspaperFort

    U. warburgii in zone 7

    Though last year especially was quite cold, and the average high is significantly lower here, my usda zone 7 conditions aren't terribly unlike Utricularia warburgii's home climate in Zhejiang, China (boy the searching I had to do to come up with more than "found in China, where it grows in sunny...
  6. NewspaperFort

    For Trade Looking for your easy growers

    Hello! My primary limiting factor is windowsill property, I just dont get a ton of light here. Looking for some plants that have done well in my 'sills before, like utrics (sandersonii to longifolia), sundews (mostly rosetted), stylidium, and outdoor bog plant types. I have SO MANY Sarracenia...
  7. NewspaperFort

    JA hybrid - Sarracenia lacks ID

    Someone familiar with JA plants might know this one, or it cpuld easily be a one off that he wasnt impressed by. I certainly am. Link to photos.
  8. NewspaperFort

    N. albomarginata green with little/no care

    Similar to a wardian case, i have left my lowland nepenthes untended for over three years in a glass terrarium with a corner vent and a side heating pad, rather low light and zero watering. The aquarium has two inches of water, coming up to just under the base of the growing pots, and mostly...
  9. NewspaperFort


    Kidding, saprobes. I am looking for an ID of any sort of what I am looking at here. Hiking through coos county, oregon, on the coast, I came across this damp rock wall covered in this whisker like fungal bodies. Spores? Fruiting bodies? I have no idea but I am trying to put it in a journal so I...
  10. NewspaperFort

    Rubra Gulf Giant

    Is there something I am missing here? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sarracenia-species-rubra-gulfensis-giant-VERY-RARE-/331038249524
  11. NewspaperFort

    lf utricularia uniflora

    Hey all. i would love to get my grow on with utricularia uniflora. Have a few other utrics I can trade, listed in order of preference (of taking plugs from) U. sandersonii U. welswitchii U. longifolia U. bisquamati U. juncea U. livida Also I have some drosera, stylidium debile, and some 2yr...
  12. NewspaperFort

    drosera capensis seeds

    I have one packet of seeds available. They are free. Picture shows what fell out when gently set down, I'm guessing around 300 seeds are contained within. The plant is a typical variety. I only ask that you want all the seeds because you have a lack of capensis in your collection. It is a...
  13. NewspaperFort

    looking to get rid of my tropicals

    for some lovely sarracenia. oooor maybe a flytrap or temperate drosera. i have capensis, (normal and alba) and drosera intermedia, drosera adelae, drosera venusta, some pinguicula. all very lovely plants. only the p. sethos is looking the worse for wear right now. d. affinis but it doesnt look...
  14. NewspaperFort

    moving saltwater tank

    Oh my goodness I thought it would be a nightmare. it was the one thing i dreaded most about having to move (my house was put up for sale) Second most thing being how do i find another house as suitable for my obsessive plant habit. Well, I had a successful go at it; no fish died, my polyps are...
  15. NewspaperFort

    quote: "These are arguably the most beautiful of the hybrid Sarracenia."

    well they just aren't my style. Sarracenia x 'dana's delight' growing alongside stylidium debile. has potential for a very interesting, striking pot. again, the color scheme is just not for me. so if you have plants with orange or pink hues i am very interested, but am also open to any and all...
  16. NewspaperFort

    Pinguicula Moranensis adult plant (mcmcnair $7)

    Opening bid is three (3) dollars. Buyer pays shipping, at most $5.15. U.S. only. This form of P. moranensis gets quite large with red highlights to the edges of the leaves. This plant split in to three strong crowns over the winter; your division has roots and is beginning to flower. This plant...
  17. NewspaperFort

    Seattle area carnivorous plant display

    anyone know on the botanical gardens (etc) that has a Carnivorous plant display? I am told it exists, but am not finding anything on google :/ I'm headed up there again this weekend and would love to check it out! Thanks :]
  18. NewspaperFort

    LF Utricularia juncea

    my pings are looking best this time of year, so i'd be willing to trade those i have a pot of d. scorpiodes with mixed drosera seedlings drosera binata? a different utric? thanks
  19. NewspaperFort

    ID needed on worm / duster

    so this little guy looks like a shuttlecock... and is perhaps my favorite tank inhabitant. So any help IDing would be of value. http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/mrchickenrox/?action=view&current=winterinstallment425.mp4 he doesnt have a tube like the dusters... he comes straight...
  20. NewspaperFort

    troubles with fog machine

    So my reptifogger stopped working after about two days today my ultrasonic fogger stopped working as well. there is enough water in the tank, its clean water (with slight plant debris) and the water temperature is around 88 degress. any ideas?!