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2021 NASC Benefit Auction!

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  1. DragonsEye

    For Sale Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds

    Freshly harvested. $10.75 for a packet of 10-15 seeds. Multiple packets available. S&H is included in the price. US only. Pm me if interested.
  2. DragonsEye

    For Sale Drosera Hercules x self seeds

    Have multiple packets of Drosera Hercules x self seeds available. This is from a selfing of my mother plant. Each packet contains 50-100 recently harvested seeds. Price: $15 Postage: $0.75 for those living in the US. Payment via PayPal
  3. DragonsEye

    good for a chuckle

    I thought this amusing so figured I'd share ... https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3427801970574720&set=gm.976236659520905
  4. DragonsEye

    At long last -- a bloom!

    Ping laueana has been challenging for me. Had three different plants, and only this one survived. Been a couple years now and finally have a bloom of my very own.
  5. DragonsEye

    Leaves? Who needs leaves?

    A new plant for me. Got it at an orchid show in February. Chiloschista viridiflava
  6. DragonsEye

    from the USPS with "Tender, Loving Care"....

    So a very generous soul on another forum sent me a micro-mini orchid of which he had an extra. This is the box it came in: I strongly suspect the box was originally cube-shaped. Amazingly enough, the plant was -- though a bit dry -- okay.
  7. DragonsEye

    For Sale for Sale or Trade ... Drosera pulchella gemmae

    For a very limited time, I have gemmae of Drosera pulchella available for sale (or trade). (Highest on my list of sought after plants is Drosera citrina. Received some a month or so ago but while gone visiting the parental units, the temps when up an their pots completely dried out :blue: )
  8. DragonsEye

    Gemmae, I presume?

    So I've had my Drosera pulchella for two or three years now and this is the first time they're producing what appears to be gemmae. So 3 Qs"?: 1) Am I correct these are gemmae? 2) How do I know when they are ready for "harvest"? 3) What is the simplest way to harvest them? A wet...
  9. DragonsEye

    PAID (Bluemax $10) D. hartmeyerorum seeds

    Up for auction, one packet of 20 Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds harvested in the fall of 2018. Following photo is from last year's plants. Minimum Bid: $5 Shipping is on me. Seeds can be shipped to the continental US. Please contact via TF's private messaging system.
  10. DragonsEye

    PAID (Acro $9) Ludisia (Haemaria) discolor

    Up for auction, 3 small sections of Ludisia (Haemaria) discolor. These are from stems which came off my mother plant. They are as of yet unrooted but showing new tip growth. A very easy growing jewel orchid desiring moist but not sopping wet conditions, with warm temps and bright indirect...
  11. DragonsEye

    (No bids) Drimia uniflora

    Looking for that amazing plant with incredible "Wow!" factor that will make you the envy of all your friends? If so..... this plant is probably not for you. Drimia uniflora is suspected of being the smallest bulb (not to be confused with a tuber or corm) plant in the world growing only 2-3...
  12. DragonsEye

    PAID (TheGuru $13) Ping pack

    For those getting into or back into the hobby, a set of 3 Pinguicula: 1 P. moranensis (no location data) -- plant is a double crown rosette approx. 1.5" diameter 1 P Aphrodite == young plant approx 1" diameter 1 P. Gina -- not yet rooted keiki recently removed from the mother plant, approx...
  13. DragonsEye

    PAID ( iron tom $15) Monolena -- ant plant

    Up for bid is a lot of 3 young Monolena. This is a deep green to burgundy leafed (think of the color of a red maple's leaves) species of Monolena. These are seed grown plants. Upon the end of the auction I will remove 3 young plants from this comm pot. For details on Monolena culture I...
  14. DragonsEye

    PAID (Est $3) succulent 3 pack

    Up for bid is a 3 pack consisting of: 1 Haworthia retusa acuminata, 1 Haworthia venosa var tesselata, and 1 Gasteria liliputana. Like most Haws, these are not a full sun/high light plants as would be many cacti. Bright indirect or diffuse light is best. If receiving stronger light plants will...
  15. DragonsEye

    (jeallgair $2) planifolia x triebneriana

    Up for bid is a 4" x 4" mass of Haworthia planifolia x triebneriana. Like most Haws, this is not a full sun/high light plant as would be many cacti. Bright indirect or diffuse light is best. If receiving stronger light plant will develop a "tan". Should that happen, simply decrease the light...
  16. DragonsEye

    For Trade fresh D. hartmeyerorum seeds

    Have a plethora of seed and wouldn't mind rehoming some of it. So whatcha got that might be interesting?
  17. DragonsEye

    As you requested, Sarah :-)

    Both neps have been growing well. Both still in the rosette stage (which pleases me mightily as I don't have space for vining ones). The plants look quite similar which is not surprising in an of itself, as siblings often due. There are some minor differences, though whether this indicates...
  18. DragonsEye

    trouble with prolifera

    I received a small plant of D. prolifera and D. Andromeda through a friend of mine. (He doesn't do cps but they came as part of a cactus/succ trade he did with someone else.) I potted up both the Andromeda and prolifera in dead sphag and placed them within a few inches of each other in one of...
  19. DragonsEye


    Something a bit different in the way of a flower .... The little fringes on the end of the flower move with even a light breeze.
  20. DragonsEye

    **PAID**(Acro $3) Nephrolepis exaltata 'Fluffy Ruffles'

    One of the smaller "ferny" type ferns which does great in a terrarium. This fern gets to be about 6" tall and is one of the better behaved ferns for a terrarium. The 4" pot of fern pictured is the one you will receive. It is a chunk of the my main plant and was just recently removed from one...