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  1. xvart

    Getting import permits

    There is a lot of great information in this thread. It might be worthwhile to update the original post with the additional information that has been learned and/or shared, just for ease of review. That way, anyone coming in can simply read the first thread for the instructions, and then for...
  2. xvart

    Passiflora edulis f. edulis Seed Giveaway. Unfazed by 24 F, Killed by Raccoons

    Very tempting... I'm not familiar with the species, but from your pictures they appear to be vining plants? Do they need to be growing vertical, or can they sprawl across the ground and produce fruits (e.g., cucumbers)? xvart.
  3. xvart

    Popped a pitcher lid by accident?!

    I wouldn't worry about it. It will be fine. I would imagine that that sort of stuff happens in situ all the time (although not with water bottles...). If the lid popped, my guess is that it was ready to pop anyway. xvart.
  4. xvart

    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    Your wish is my command. :) xvart.
  5. xvart

    Sweet DIY spectrum analysis

    Talk about awesome. Have you built one and/or used one yet for any purposes? Thanks for sharing. Although I can't think of a practical application in my current life, I still am tempted to build it just for the fun of it. I think it is so awesome when science techniques and equipment become...
  6. xvart

    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    Yeah, I'm saying I can change the name of the thread if you all want. I just need to know what specifically... N. robcontleyi babies? xvart.
  7. xvart

    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    What do you want it renamed to? xvart.
  8. xvart

    Carnivorous Plants in the Wild - My In Situ Explorations

    Beautiful pictures. If I were ever to come across a bog I would be so worried about stepping on a small Drosera while navigating between Sarracenia. Thanks for sharing. Also, there was another thread with the same title. I removed it because I thought it was a duplicate (with the pictures not...
  9. xvart

    Hello from Sydney!

    Only on Thursdays. xvart.
  10. xvart

    Greetings from Minnesota

    It is the photoperiod that triggers dormancy, although typically a shorter photoperiod coincides with lower temperatures in nature. With less sunlight there is less photosynthesis occurring; therefore slower growth to conserve energy. Basements (or garages) are decent places to overwinter plants...
  11. xvart

    Predatory Nematodes?

    Hmmm... you'll want to double check, but from what I remember from the garden hubbub is that nematodes do not work for aphid control. Likely because Nematodes dwell in the soil and aphids generally reside on the plant, so that wouldn't cross paths in enough frequency to control the aphid...
  12. xvart

    Predatory Nematodes?

    Some of the gardeners in my community garden use them for pest control (our community garden is supposed to be 100% organic). Although I have never used them, from my conversations with the other gardeners I have learned that you have to buy the right kind, as some Nematodes eat specific pests...
  13. xvart

    Greetings from Minnesota

    Welcome to Terraforums! Here is a thread with some good information about cold weather growing (sadly the pictures are broken). Not sure if you have an interest in bog gardens, but you can probably glean some information from there. Also, ScottyChaos has a couple threads about his fridge method...
  14. xvart

    hi from France !!

    Welcome to TF! With the sounds of your collection, perhaps our Pinguicula forum will be getting some more action! xvart.
  15. xvart

    Any houseplants blooming?

    Not yet, it's blooming late, but perhaps in the next week they will be popping! xvart.
  16. xvart

    It's nice to be back

    Welcome back! Everyone better watch their nomenclature! xvart.
  17. xvart

    Just like a bad check...

    Welcome back, Steve. Like you, I have not been around much recently. It's great to see some old timers resurface. Good luck reestablishing your CP collection! xvart.
  18. xvart

    Hello from Sydney!

    Welcome to the party that never ends! xvart.
  19. xvart

    Any houseplants blooming?

    Is your alarm clock blooming in the first picture?! :-)) And to actually contribute to the topic at hand: my Christmas Cactus, despite having a rough year, is currently blooming. xvart.
  20. xvart

    Pebes' Picture Thread

    Heh. I figured that was the case, but with nomenclature sadly being what it is these days and my lack of paying attention to recent offerings, I thought maybe, just maybe it was a "variety". I understand your feelings, but just think years from now when it is producing mature pitchers the...