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  1. xvart


    Hello, everyone. I haven't been posting much because I haven't really grown many CPs the last few years. I have one Nepenthes now on my porch, a decently size ventrata. Recently it has been getting eaten up by something and when I water I often find large grasshoppers on it. Do grasshoppers eat...
  2. xvart

    Chatbox Code of Conduct Reminder

    Over the past couple of months there have been several reports of questionable content being posted in the chatbox. For isolated incidents individual members were contacted about the infractions; however, the behavior was unfortunately much more persistent and pervasive and called for a stronger...
  3. xvart

    Who gave me a Sarracenia once upon a time?

    Hello everyone. Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. A couple of years ago I received, either through trade or gifted, a S. 'Hurricane Creek White'. Now I can't remember who it was and the person I gave it to is now asking me about the origins. If you see this and it was you please let...
  4. xvart

    Mylar Giveaway - International Interest Welcome!

    Good evening everyone. Similar to my N. truncata Giveaway, I'm going to give a section of mylar to one person who posts something in this thread. There is some history behind this mylar, and so if you will indulge me... This piece of mylar is big enough to cover the back and a portion of the...
  5. xvart

    N. truncata giveaway

    I have a small N. truncata (4" to 5" across) that I am going to giveaway. No shipping necessary. I don't know if it is a HL or LL, but it has grown well for me in my HL conditions. It has been a trooper these last few months with some neglect and is (now) very drought resistant... There will be...
  6. xvart

    N. Caesar DrWurm $50

    This auction listing is for one N. Caesar. It is very healthy and is currently around 14" from leaf tip to leaf tip. N. Caesar's parentage is N. merilliana x truncata USA Only; Shipping is on me. Thanks for supporting NASC. xvart.
  7. xvart

    Nepenthes Dragon Collection ellisonk001 $150

    Up for auction is three nice sized Nepenthes. They are all around 12" or more in diameter. This lot includes the following: 1x N. Black Dragon (N. izumae x truncata) 1x N. Red Dragon (N. thorelii x truncata) 1x N. Sabre (N. ventricosa x Trusmadiensis) USA only; Shipping is on me. Pictures...
  8. xvart

    American Gladiators

    About a month ago I got an advanced copy of Gladiator by Dan "Nitro" Clark, from American Gladiators. It was a memoir/autobiography of his life growing up and ultimately abusing steroids for 20 years. Anyways, it was a wonderful book and I reviewed it and posted it on Amazon. Shortly after I...
  9. xvart

    Mayan Temples

    I haven't been around for a week because my wife and I were on vacation. We went down to Honduras and Mexico on a cruise. One of the stops was Costa Maya, Mexico, where we went to the Mayan city of Chacchoben. It was amazing. We started out next to this large temple: Then we wondered...
  10. xvart

    NASC Board of Directors - 2009

    Here is the 2009 Board of Directors and their associated Terraforums screen names. Please feel free to contact any of them regarding questions or concerns about Sarracenia in the wild. President - Suzanne Hedderly - PlantAKiss Vice President - Arthur Yin Interim Secretary - Jonathan Treffkorn...
  11. xvart

    Seed Bank Map

    Greetings Everyone, The NASC Seed Bank has been operating for about six months or so and has delivered location specific seed to several members. Has anyone had success with stratification and germination? I would love to hear/see of anybody's success. Anyways, I thought I would post this map...
  12. xvart

    FT: N. sibuyanensis x talangensis

    I have a nice sized N. sibuyanensis x talangensis up for trade. It is approximately 7"-8" across. The leaves have become a little smaller during winter and has not pitchered since fall, and can provide a picture of the current plant if needed. I am interested in Nepenthes hybrids or anything...
  13. xvart

    N. maxima x veitchii

    I've seen some mature specimens of this cross, and I have to say it is a beautiful cross. As always, I'm looking forward to watching this one grow and mature. It was propagated from cutting. xvart.
  14. xvart

    Tetris Fans?

    Anyone else out there a fan of tetris? I stumbled across this game a week or so ago and it is addicting and fun. You can play against up to six other people and there are items that you can use like removing lines, adding lines, switching screens, etc. It's very addicting. If anyone joins my...
  15. xvart

    General Warning: Tone of Conversation

    Dear Forum Members, As election season winds down, it is imperative that everyone remember the most important rule of Terraforums: Based on past observations, I was actually impressed (for the most part) at the tone of the many political discussions, until recently. So I offer this general...
  16. xvart

    Forum "Tags"

    Hey everyone, In light of the new updates, I wanted to provide some information about one of the new features: Tags. As I mentioned in the announcement thread, I am a member of another forum that uses these very effectively. They will only become effective the more they are used, since they...
  17. xvart

    Are you out there, Joe?!

    I sure hope Joe the Plumber is watching the debates tonight... It seems like they are fighting over one vote tonight: Joe the Plumber. Don't I matter anymore?! Dang it Joe! xvart.
  18. xvart

    Downsizing - For Trade

    Hello everyone, In anticipation for moving this coming summer and the fact that I don't have the time nor the desire to continue watering plants I'll be getting rid of soon, I am going to trade or give away all of the following plants. There's nothing super unique, and most are relatively...
  19. xvart

    Some more Nepenthes pictures

    As I've mentioned in a few other threads, I haven't been taking care of my plants as well as I would like because I've been so busy with my job over the past two months. I think there was a period of two to three weeks where I didn't water. Many of my smaller Nepenthes lost most (if not all) of...
  20. xvart

    FT: N. Red Dragon basal, N. alata "boshiana mimic"

    For trade is a N. Red Dragon basal and a N. alata "boshiana mimic." They don't have to go together and I was thinking of trading basal for basal, etc; but am open to any sort of combination. I'm only interested in Nepenthes and U. Reniformis. Take a look at my growlist and see if there is...